Boardwalk Empire: Learning Curve

Our bloodied friend from the end of last episode has made it to the hospital, where he’s being wheeled on a gurney past Eli and some of his officers. Eli goes out to the hall to meet Nucky, who’s coming in with Jimmy, and Nucky asks how the guy can possibly still be alive after being outside in the cold for three days. Eli shrugs that the guy was fat, and insulated, although the gaping abdominal wound we just saw the poor sap sporting didn’t look like insulation to me. Jimmy lamely says that they thought they killed all the members of the Criminal Convoy, and Nucky mockingly calls him Aristotle and says Jimmy better hope the guy dies real soon.

In a fairly industrial part of town, a horse-drawn hearse is being driven slowly past some warehouses. A kid throws open the door to one of them and the hearse drives right in. Nucky and the black guy we saw impatiently waiting to see him in episode 1 (Chalky White—heh) meets it and Chalky’s guys open the hearse and start unloading the crates of Canadian Club contained therein. After Chalky threatens his men with bodily harm should a drop of liquor go missing, he and Nucky start talking business. Chalky says he should be able to mix up the liquor pretty well—get 3,000 bottles of diluted stuff from the 500 bottles of pure. Nucky offers a 80-20 split in profits wherein he’ll supply the product and Chalky will work his magic. Chalky observes that’s a lot of magic for just 20%. Nucky shoots back that that’s the same deal he gave Mickey the Moron, which turns out to be a mistake, because Chalky offers a 60-40 split, just because Nucky actually thought Chalky would take the same deal as Mickey. They agree on a 65-35 split.

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