Visiting Nice: What I Learned

2013-07-06 21.08.33Hello, everybody! As you may have noticed, things have been a bit quiet here on the Armchair Anglophile. It’s not because I threw my hands up and decided I’d had enough of this blogging thing–it’s because Husby and I were taking a much-needed holiday (our first together in almost 3 years!) I requested a trip somewhere warm, by the sea, and as we’d both enjoyed Nice on the Cote d’Azur during a one-day stop there during our honeymoon cruise, we decided to give that a go.

Excellent decision.

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Want to Visit Downton Abbey?

Hey, DA fans! Want to pretend to be Lady Mary or Matthew for a day? Women’s World magazine is holding a drawing that will allow two lucky winners to wing their way to the UK and visit Highclere Castle, the lovely locale that plays Downton in the series. The Prize: a trip for two to England, including round-trip airfare from New York to London, admission … Continue reading Want to Visit Downton Abbey?

Trivia Thursday: The Queens’ Vault

This Week’s Question: Arbella Stuart, who was once considered a successor to Queen Elizabeth I, was buried in the vault of what other famous queen? Last Week’s Question: Who was the first heir to the British throne to tour North America? Answer: Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VII. The charismatic eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert set off for a tour of Canada … Continue reading Trivia Thursday: The Queens’ Vault

Pan Am: Rescue Me

Previously on Pan Am: Laura ran away from her wedding with her sister Kate’s help, then followed Kate into the exciting world of stewardessing. Collette had her little French heart fractured a bit, while pilot Dean had his broken into a million pieces when his girlfriend, Bridget, disappeared. Her disappearance is probably connected to the spying she was doing for the British government, which Kate will be taking over from now on.

Dean seems to have recovered rather well. He’s driving toward the airport in his nifty convertible, smiling happily as he takes in the sight of the Pan Am building. As luck would have it, he spots Colette stranded by the side of the road and offers to give her a lift, with a bit of cute banter between the two of them that reveals they’re both on their way to Paris. Colette agrees to bring him dinner and coffee during the flight, if he does something for her. You mean, something other than drive you to the airport so you don’t miss your flight and lose your job?

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