The Viking Invasion

On June 8 (or thereabouts) in 793, Vikings raided the monastery of Lindisfarne in the northeast of England, spreading terror throughout Britain and ushering in the Viking Age of Invasion. For almost 300 years, the Vikings would continue to invade Britain, which was, at the time, fractured into several different kingdoms, none of which were really strong enough to repel the well-trained, well-prepared invaders. Early … Continue reading The Viking Invasion

St. Petersburg

Happy birthday, St. Petersburg! Yes, that’s right, today’s the day St. Petersburg was founded, by Peter the Great back in 1703, just two weeks after he captured the area from the Swedish during the Great Northern War. The site of the city was originally occupied by a Swedish fortress known as Nyenskans. After he captured the fortress, Peter laid down the Peter and Paul Fortress … Continue reading St. Petersburg


*Anglophiles Against Drunk Riding Today is a good day to take a moment to contemplate the consequences of drunk riding, because March 19 is the anniversary of the dark and stormy night King Alexander III of Scotland took a long fall off his horse and kicked off a succession crisis. Alexander had three children with his first wife, Margaret of England, including two sons, but … Continue reading AADR*

Leading the Way to Independence

It’s the Ides of March! Aside from being the date Julius Caesar learned who his true friends weren’t, this is also the day South Carolina became the first of the 13 colonies to declare independence from Great Britain and set up its own government, in 1776. South Carolina set up its first government under John Rutledge, and on February 5, 1778 it became the first … Continue reading Leading the Way to Independence