Outlander: A Song for Claire Randall

215100Previously on Outlander: Claire Randall travelled back in time to 1743 and found herself a prisoner/guest of the Clan MacKenzie.

Claire flashes back to the day her husband saw her off to war and she gave him shit for trying to use his connections to keep her away from the most dangerous places. He realises it’s impossible to argue with her and helps her onto the train. They kiss and exchange promises to be together again.

In the 18th century, Claire flinches through a cold-water bath and Mrs Fitz comments on how nice Claire’s skin is and how lucky her next husband will be. That makes Claire sad and she tells Fitz her husband’s not dead, he just hasn’t been born yet. Like any normal person, Fitz is seriously confused, so Claire explains that she seems to have travelled through time. Yes, this seems like a really good idea, Claire, and not a situation where you’re likely to be accused of insanity or witchcraft or both. Claire mentions the stones and Fitz admits she’s heard strange tales of the stones. Claire desperately says she’s not an English spy, she’s just from the future. Riiight. Claire says she needs to get back to the stones and wonders if the MacKenzies will help her if she explains. Oh, for heaven’s sake, Claire. Fitz accuses her of being an evil daemon and a witch…

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Outlander: ‘Guest’ Is So Much Nicer than ‘Prisoner’

Previously on Outlander: Claire Randall’s inability to keep her hands to herself got her sent back to 1743, where she found herself in the hands of the clan Mackenzie, avoiding her husband’s creepy doppelganger ancestor. Claire and her captors/hosts arrive at Castle Leoch and dismount in the courtyard. Claire warily looks around and VOs that she’s going to have to get someone to help her … Continue reading Outlander: ‘Guest’ Is So Much Nicer than ‘Prisoner’