The Knick: Seeing the Light

Image courtesy Cinemax/Anonymous ContentPreviously on The Knick: Edwards dealt with being marginalized at the hospital by opening a secret clinic for black patients in the basement. Baxter’s in deep with some very bad people and paid for it with a tooth, Sister Harriet’s performing abortions for poor women, and wealthy uptowners are coming down with typhoid.

A woman arrives at the hospital and asks the nurse at the front desk where she can find Thack. We don’t see her face, but when the nurse does, what she sees makes her pause briefly, so we know it must be bad.

Lucy is the lucky one who gets to interrupt Thack in whatever research he’s working on to tell him he has a patient calling herself his friend.

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The Knick: Bring Up the Bodies

764099_KNICK102_122013_MC_0010Previously on The Knick: Repeated surgical failures finally got to Dr Christiansen, who committed suicide, leaving his second-in-command, Thack, in charge. He’s forced to hire a new second, a black man, which does not make him happy in the least.

We start by cutting between scenes of Cornelia’s luxurious life in a mansion and Edwards’s crappy life in a gross boardinghouse that clearly caters to black men. Cornelia is wakened by a maid, Edwards is wakened by a roach scuttling across his pillow. Edwards is bugged in line for the bathroom by some other guy with a huge attitude who wants to know where he got those fancy shoes from. Cornelia has breakfast with her parents and admits she feels a bit awkward at the Knick. Her dad reassures her that nobody, not even her brother, thinks as similarly to him as she does and he knows she can handle it. After breakfast, she’s carefully dressed by two maids who take care to make sure she looks perfect. Edwards, also looking perfect (though he clearly had to do it himself) heads into work.

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