Sourdough Loaf

I’m just going to warn you, sourdough bread is not for the impatient. It takes longer for wild yeast to raise dough than commercial yeast, so there’s quite a lot of rising time here. It’s worth it, though. This bread is delicious–perfect toasted, as a sandwich, or just on its own. Try not to dig into it right away (if you can!); the flavor develops … Continue reading Sourdough Loaf

Super Simple Sourdough Starter

As a person who loves to cook and bake, I’ve been pretty bowled over by the ingredients suddenly available to me over here. The spices alone are enough to send me into overdrive (oh, piri piri, where have you been all my life?) but the flours! Oh, the flours! There’s a flour for everything, and some pretty cool specialty ones as well. While perusing the … Continue reading Super Simple Sourdough Starter