The Pallisers Part V: Another Suitcase in Another Hall

Previously on The Pallisers: Alice remained on Team George, despite the fact that he’s bleeding her dry already and is actually kind of a jerk; Burgo made one last play for Glencora that didn’t work out too well.

Plantagenet’s reading the morning paper in the drawing room of Palliser Palace. In comes Glencora, who greets him with a perfunctory kiss before seating herself at the breakfast table. After greeting her, Plantagenet returns to his newspaper. After a while, Glencora mentions that he wanted to talk to her about the party the evening before. He puts his paper aside and starts out gently, telling her he doesn’t want her to think he’s reading too much into what happened. Glencora tells him to just be out with it, if he’s angry with her. He insists he’s not angry and he’s not going to scold, he just wants to advise her. Glencora says she’d rather be scolded, and now Plantagenet starts to get annoyed, and I can’t really blame him. He’s trying to be a good guy and she’s just making it unnecessarily difficult for him. He asks her to be serious and asks if she knows what she did wrong. She pretends not to know, but surely she realizes she was making a bit of a spectacle of herself.

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