Around the World

Bon voyage! On December 13, 1577, Francis Drake set out from Plymouth on a journey that would take him around the earth, making him only the second known person in history to circumnavigate the globe. Drake’s journey was supposed to begin a good month earlier, and his fleet did in fact set out on November 15. Unfortunately, bad weather forced the ships back to Cornwall, … Continue reading Around the World

The Spanish Armada

On May 28, 1588, the ill-fated Spanish Armada started sailing out of Lisbon, heading for the English Channel. The fleet, which consisted of 151 ships, 8,000 sailors, and 18,000 soldiers, was so huge it took two days for the whole thing to make its way out of Lisbon. The English attempted some last-minute diplomacy, but when that failed they battened down the hatches and sent … Continue reading The Spanish Armada