Tragic Waste

If only they had known…On March 31, 1909 workers gathered at Harland and Wolff Shipyard in Belfast to begin construction of the largest, most luxurious ship in the world: RMS Titanic. In just over three years, all their blood, sweat, tears and hard work would be at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Titanic was the second of three planned sister ships, which were conceived … Continue reading Tragic Waste

Any Excuse for a Vacation

On 25 July 1609, an emigrant ship called the Sea Venture found itself in dire straits after battling a hurricane for three days. Battered and taking on water, she was deliberately beached on the reefs of what would later turn out to be Bermuda, allowing all 150 people aboard, plus one dog, to land safely. Sea Venture, England’s first purpose-designed emigrant ship, set out from … Continue reading Any Excuse for a Vacation

Titanic: Part 4

Previously on Titanic: We were introduced to a whole slew of paper-thin characters and the ship hit the iceberg. Three times.

We back up yet again so we can visit the Wideners’ dinner party, where Georgiana is having a debate with Harry about how very stupid it is to do things just because that’s the way they’ve always been done. Yeah, she’s that character—rebellious rich girl. Not that we didn’t already know that, making this scene a bit pointless. Still, rules suck! Down with rules! She also mentions that Harry’s mom has invited them up to Newport while they’re in America. She suspects some matchmaking is at work and Harry acknowledges it, because he’s got a crush on Georgiana, for whatever reason. Probably because he likes ‘em feisty.

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Hoping for better luck this time, on February 26, 1914 White Star Line launched its third and largest Olympic-class ship: Britannic, sister to the Titanic. Unfortunately for Britannic, a few other things happened in 1914, most notably, the start of World War I. The ship, designed for the transatlantic passenger trade, was instead made into a hospital ship and was sent to the Middle East. … Continue reading Britannic


Well, you can’t cry over spilt gold. On September 23, 1641 the Merchant Royal sank off Land’s End, Cornwall in rough seas, taking with it at least 100,000 pounds of gold worth nearly $1 billion in today’s money, 400 bars of silver worth about $1 million, and nearly 500,000 pieces of eight and other coins. It’s one of the most valuable shipwrecks of all time. … Continue reading Bummer