Outlander: Untimely Resurrection

Outlander-Season-2-Episode-5-Starz-TV-Series-Promotional-Photos-Trailer-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-1-768x512Previously on Outlander: Claire and Mary were attacked on their way home from the hospital, but the attackers unexpectedly ran off when they recognised Claire. Claire and Jamie planned a dinner party that ended in a brawl that, frankly, seemed too ridiculous for words and may have mostly served to throw Prince Charles together with St Germain, so nice going there, guys.

Servants clean up the wreckage of the party while Claire VOs that the gens d’armes came and arrested pretty much everybody, including Jamie. Jamie makes it home just after daybreak and tells Claire that Duverney came down to the Bastille and got everyone but Alex Randall out, because Alex is still suspected of rape and it may take a good word from Mary herself to get him off the hook. Like that’s really what that poor, poor girl needs right now. Claire asks if Sandringham will vouch for Alex, which just makes me laugh at her continuing naivete. I mean, really, Claire, I know this man as well as you do and I know immediately that not only will Sandringham not stick his neck out for his disgraced employee, he’ll cut him loose immediately. And, indeed, that’s just what he’s done. So, now Alex is in prison and unemployed. And it’s pretty much all thanks to Claire, really, for plunking him down alone at the bedside of a just-raped young woman. Well done, Claire.

Claire apparently has no time to feel badly about any of that, or about Alex’s terrible predicament, because she’s too single-minded for that and starts talking about Charles. Jamie thinks that Sandringham sees Charles for the idiot he is, but Claire reminds him that Charles left with St Germain, so they’re not out of the woods yet. Jamie agrees to send Murtagh to follow St Germain and see what he can find out.

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Outlander: La Dame Blanche

outlander-204-spoilersPreviously on Outlander: Claire and Jamie set out to sink the Jacobite rebellion, which you’d think would be easy, considering what an unstable idiot Prince Charles is. Unfortunately, it seems he has some powerful backers under the charge of the Duke of Sandringham, which is enough to get the interest of the French court. Jamie continued to have serious issues with his trauma (understandably), Claire’s deep boredom lead her to start volunteering at a charity hospital, and the Comte St Germain slithered back onto the scene.

In the titlecard scene, we see someone messing about with a carriage wheel.

Claire has accompanied Jamie to Versailles for his chess game with Duverney. Duverney conversationally asks if she and Jamie have considered names for the incoming kid and Claire proposes Lambert, after her uncle. Jamie hates that name as much as, well, anyone with halfway decent taste in names, but since his counter-suggestion is Dalhousie (after the Scottish castle, for God’s sake), it’s not like he can really judge.

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Outlander: Useful Occupations and Deceptions

kdlafsfsfsPreviously on Outlander: Claire and Jamie decided to try and derail the Jacobite rebellion, which means subtly trying to cut off its funding via the finance minister. Claire managed to upset a nobleman and found out that Jack Randall isn’t dead.

Claire wakes very early in the morning and meets Jamie just as he’s returning from another evening of enforced partying with Charles Stuart at a whorehouse. Jamie tells her Charles is demanding a meeting with Duverney, which they’ve been putting off for as long as possible. Jamie’s got to rush off to take care of some business, then meet Duverney at Versailles for chess, then meet Charles again. Poor guy must be exhausted. When does he get to sleep? Claire worries a little bit about his lack of rest but he promises to get some shut-eye on the way to the palace. He urges her to go back to bed before she has to meet Louise and other ladies for tea. Claire rolls her eyes at the tedium of these girly get-togethers but Jamie brightsides that she might pick up something useful—you never know! Also, the French aristocracy were some of the most cultured and accomplished people in the world at that time, so although they’re made to seem really boring on this show, hanging out with some of them would probably be fascinating. Hell, they’d be fascinating purely from an anthropological point of view.

On his way out the door, Jamie notices that the little carved snake he’s had since he was a kid is missing. Claire impatiently promises to look for it. You can tell that these domestic matters drive her a little crazy. She watches him go, frowning.

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Outlander: Not in Scotland Anymore

Outlander-Season-2-Episode-2-TV-Review-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-1Previously on Outlander: Claire and Jamie landed in France and, almost immediately, scored a pretty sweet deal when Jamie’s kinsman offered them a house and a wine business in Paris. He also offered an entree into Jacobite society-in-exile which should serve them well in their harebrained scheme to prevent the entire Jacobite rebellion.

It seems that Claire and Jamie are getting back into the swing of things, sexually speaking, but then suddenly Claire transforms into Randall, a knife appears in Jamie’s hand, and he stabs over and over and over again, spattering himself with blood. And yet Randall still won’t die because he’s the devil.

Jamie wakes from his nightmare, accidentally rousing Claire, who informs us that this is not the first time this has happened. Jamie tells her that Randall showed up again in this dream and she firmly reminds him that Randall is dead. Jamie knows, but he also knows he won’t be getting any more sleep that night. He gets up to go do some work.

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Outlander: Through a Glass, Darkly

Catriona Balfe as Claire Fraser in season 2 episode 1 of OutlanderPreviously on Outlander: Claire Randall touched some very old stones in the Middle of Nowhere, Scotland and was hurled back to the 18th century where, for somewhat insane and complicated reasons, she had to marry the hunkiest man available. Poor girl. There were some adventures and shenanigans and sex, and then things got truly horrifying when the ultimate Big Bad, Captain Jack Randall (an ancestor of Claire’s 20th century husband!) took a shine to Jamie and raped and tortured him while he was in prison. Claire was able to spring Jamie from the horrorshow and slapped him out of being suicidal, and then the two of them and their unborn child hopped on a ship for France to maybe try to prevent the Jacobite Rebellion.

Claire wakes in the middle of the standing stones, seeming confused, and realises she’s lost something. She searches desperately for it, finds an old ring, then begins to wail. She VOs that ‘he’ was gone—and so was everyone else. The world she’d just left was now dust. So, looks like she’s back in the 20th century.

She makes her way to the road and a car comes upon her. She seems startled and uncertain at the sound of the horn. The driver steps out and asks if she’s ok, because she looks a bit bewildered and like she’s on her way to the Renaissance fair or something. Claire just looks at him blankly, then asks him what year it is, while advancing on the poor guy with some seriously crazy eyes. He tells her it’s 1948. She then asks who won the Battle of Cullodon, completely flipping out on the poor man, who tells her the British won, of course. She collapses into the road, weeping.

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Outlander: To Ransom a Man’s Soul

Outlander-To-Ransom-a-Man-s-Soul-1x16-promotional-picture-outlander-2014-tv-series-38523305-1800-1200Previously on Outlander: Claire very nearly managed to bust Jamie out of prison, but Randall cannot be overcome, and Jamie struck a deal with him: Randall can rape Jamie all he wants if he lets Claire go. Randall accepts, and Claire is kicked out of the prison. She rushes back to the others in despair and Murtagh comes up with a plan to save Jamie.

‘You canna save a man that dinna want saving.’

It’s time for the morning muster and all the soldiers are gathered in the prison’s courtyard. Jamie, dead-eyed, lies naked on the bed in his cell, Randall stretched out beside him. Randall gets up and goes to get dressed, giving the viewers a rare moment of actual full-frontal male nudity. As he pulls on his boots, Jamie grumbles that Randall owes him a good suicide. Randall obligingly pulls out a wicked knife, but then there’s the rattling sound of another door being opened and he goes to investigate. Jamie whimpers and begs, slowly and painfully starting to roll from the bed. Randall ignores him and goes out into the hallway, heading towards the strange rumbling sound. It gets louder, and then the door he’s standing beside is busted down by 19 cattle being stampeded into the place by Angus, Rupert, and Murtagh. They glance at Randall, lying bloody and either unconscious or dead on the floor, as they hurry past. Someone should really make sure that bastard’s dead, guys.

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Outlander: Wentworth Prison

Catriona Balfe, Sam Heughlin and Tobias Menzies in Outlander

Previously on Outlander: Jamie got himself captured, escaped, and then got captured again and thrown into Wentworth Prison.

‘Make me a better offer.’

Prisoners are being hanged before a small audience of bored-looking redcoats. Taran and Jamie are amongst the condemned, waiting for their turn. Jamie tries to convince Taran to try one last stand, but Taran’s not interested, since it’ll just get them killed as surely as the rope will. So, you may as well go down fighting, right, Taran? At least, that’s what Jamie seems to think, and I’m on his side here. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. Taran’s called forth, and when he’s on the scaffold he shouts that it sucks that the last thing he sees will be a bunch of Englishmen and he didn’t spend his life fighting them like a true patriot. He’s thrown off the scaffold, but his neck doesn’t break. He jerks and dances, slowly strangling to death. Historically accurate and horrifying to watch. Not the last time I’m going to think that during this episode.

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Outlander: The Search

Outlander 2014Previously on Outlander: Jamie was forced to accompany the watch on what was supposed to be an ambush, only to find that the watch had been set up and now most of them are dead while he’s been taken prisoner.

‘Love forces a person to choose. You do things you never imagined you’d do before.’

Jenny and Claire start making preparations to head out and find Jamie. Ian insists on going along, but he’s too badly wounded. Also, he’s missing his peg leg. Both Jenny and Claire veto his accompanying them. They do allow him to draw them a rough map of where the men were attacked, though.

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Outlander: The Watch

Outlander 2014Previously on Outlander: Jamie took Claire back to Lallybroch, where he immediately started acting like a complete asshole to his ball-busting sister, Jenny.

‘If you’re going to hell, I might as well go too. Lord knows you’ll never manage alone.’

‘I’m a fighter. I got tired of fighting for rich dukes and monarchs. I realised the world is mine. And money taken is twice as sweet as money earned.’

The camera pans around what looks like a pocketwatch abandoned on the ground somewhere before we rejoin Jaime bravely mouthing off to the man who has a gun to his head. Jenny comes strolling in and immediately orders the man, Taran, to put his gun down, because Jamie is her cousin, not just some random guy who wandered into her home. Jamie picks up the lie and introduces himself as Jamie MacTavish. Taran pulls back his gun and Claire is able to breathe again. The men are surprised to realise Claire’s English and Jenny jokes that she was almost ready to kill Jamie himself when she realised Claire was a Sassenach, but Claire’s ok, so they’re letting it slide. Taran bows to her and introduces himself, saying he’s sorry for the confusion, but they assumed Jamie was there to rob the place. Yes, that’s a completely reasonable conclusion to jump to when you meet someone you don’t know in a house that isn’t yours.

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Outlander: Lallybroch

Outlander-LallybrochPreviously on Outlander: Jamie was banished to Colum’s castle, just in time for Claire to be put on trial for witchcraft, alongside Geillis. Though Ned put up a spirited defence, the ladies were about to be found guilty, but then Jamie appeared to rescue her, and Geillis fell on the proverbial sword, just after telling Claire that she, too, was from the future. 1968, to be exact. Afterwards, Claire told Jamie about her own time-travelling ways and he delivered her to the standing stones so she could go home if she chose. She chose to stay.

As they ride along, Claire tells Jamie all about elephants and flying and her age (27, older than him). They top a hill and Jamie’s home, Lallybroch, comes into view in the distance. They stop to admire it and Jamie takes a moment to flash back to the assault on him and his sister by Randall. Claire senses it and tries to convince him to put it all behind him. Jamie says that there were rumours afterwards that his sister bore Randall’s child, which makes it a little hard to put everything in the past.

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