Peaky Blinders: War and Peace

Peaky BlindersPreviously on Peaky Blinders: Grace helped Campbell find the guns, and he rewarded her with a marriage proposal she totally didn’t want. Instead, she threw her lot in with Tommy, sleeping with him, finally, and giving him a little of the love his family’s withholding in the wake of Freddie’s arrest. And speaking of families and withholding love—the Shelbys’ low-life dad reappears on the scene just long enough to swindle Arthur and completely destroy his self-esteem, leading to a failed suicide attempt.

Things are quiet in Chinatown. The tailor checks out his wares, but ducks out of sight when he sees Campbell coming. Campbell calls him out and really awkwardly asks for information as to where he might be able to find something that’s either a prostitute or drugs, it’s not clear yet.

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Peaky Blinders: It’s Personal

peaky_blinders_2692098bPreviously on Peaky Blinders: The boys went to the races, where they protected Billy Kimber’s men from the thieving Lees, in a very gruesome manner. Tommy also had an attack of conscience after pimping Grace out to Kimber. Better late than never, I guess.

Ada, who’s now a lot more pregnant than she was the last time we saw her, returns to Birmingham with Freddie after a trip to London. Freddie delivers an envelope with £200 in it to one of his comrades and reports that it comes from an attaché from the Russian embassy.

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Peaky Blinders: Off to the Races

Peaky BlindersPreviously on Peaky Blinders: Tommy had a busy week, starting a war with some gypsies, striking deals with Campbell and (maybe) Billy Kimber, and asking Grace out on a fake date.

Tommy heads into Harry’s and asks Grace for a bottle of Irish whisky and three glasses. She hands them over and tells him she’s not going to the races unless he gives her more money. Now she’s just starting to annoy me. She says the dress is expensive and poutily asks if he wants her to go looking like a ‘flower girl’. He tells her it doesn’t matter what he wants, because she’s not actually looking good for him.

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Peaky Blinders: Let’s Make a Deal

Peaky BlindersPreviously on Peaky Blinders: Tommy accidentally got his hands on a whole lot of very important guns, and instead of getting rid of them, he stashed them, even though a hard-nosed Irish inspector and his undercover agent are hot on his trail.

Tommy drives his two brothers out to a gypsy camp in the countryside, where he’s warmly greeted by one of the men—Johnny, I think—while Arthur whines in the background about not getting to go to the fair. Presumably he means the horse fair, unless he’s five years old. Tommy ribs Johnny a bit for running with the Lee family (the gypsies), whom Tommy mostly holds in contempt for not serving in the war. Johnny sends Tommy to look at a really beautiful horse while Johnny goes to check out the family car. Arthur, aghast, asks if Tommy really plans to swap their car for a horse. No, no, of course not! Tommy and Johnny are going to flip for it! Makes sense, right? They both pull out coins and toss ‘em. Both are heads, so the men spit shake and Tommy hands over the keys. Arthur starts to throw a wobbler, but Tommy tells him to chill, because he won, but he promised Johnny a spin in the car if he lost. Three of the Lee men start chuckling, and Tommy decides to pick a fight. Johnny intervenes, warning him not to go starting a war, and really, Tommy has enough on his mind without bringing down some gypsy wrath. But then one of the Lees calls Tommy’s mother a whore, which is a ballsy thing to say to a man who has razor blades embedded in his hat. Sure enough, all the brothers’ hats come off and they go right for the eyes, just in case we weren’t clear on where the nickname came from. The Lees go down in a bloody mess and the Shelby boys get ready to head home.

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Peaky Blinders: Crazy Stupid

peaky-blinders_2We begin in what appears to be some city’s Chinatown. A man hurries a young woman with a wailing baby along, and when another, older man asks where she’s going, the first guy just says ‘They have asked for her.’ Second guy looks terrified. She hands the baby off to another woman, asking if she’s still able to feed a baby. Yikes, guess she’s not too hopeful of a good outcome here.

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The Tudors: Baby, Light My Fire

Previously on The Tudors: Henry failed to get his divorce and blamed it on Wolsey, who found himself kicked out of office and arrested. More took his old job, reluctantly. Anne started to convert Henry.

Well, we might as well just get right to it. We open on Henry masturbating, while leaning on a servant and fantasizing about Anne sewing. That is so utterly not something I needed to see. And also, I hope the guy playing that poor servant fired his agent, because that is the worst few seconds of screentime ever.

Calmer now (and fully dressed), Henry enters his council chamber to meet with the council. He rails about Wolsey’s doings, without actually naming him, and names Norfolk President of the Council, along with Brandon, who smirks a little at the announcement. Norfolk takes that with surprising grace. Henry tells everyone they’ll reconvene soon to discuss the divorce.

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The Tudors: Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

Previously on the Tudors: The long, hard fall of Cardinal Wolsey began in earnest.

We open at Blackfriars Church, where Wolsey is continuing the trial without Katherine, trying to determine whether or not she and Prince Arthur ever consummated the marriage. He calls up his first witness, Sir Anthony Willoughby, who was part of the prince’s entourage on his wedding night. Apparently, the morning after, Arthur asked Willoughby to bring him some ale and mentioned that the night before, he was in the midst of Spain. The audience finds this hilarious; Henry, less so. Willoughby also mentions that Arthur told his friends that it was a good pastime to have a wife. Wolsey says he’s pretty sure they have the bloodstained sheets to corroborate Willoughby’s story. Excuse me? First of all, who would keep those? For decades? Second, if they did exist, wouldn’t they have caused some problems with the original dispensation, since they’d indicate the marriage had been consummated? And finally, who could prove they weren’t just a random set of sheets with blood on them? It’s not like they had DNA testing back then.

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The Tudors Season 1 Episode 8 recap: The Beginning of the End

Previously on The Tudors: The Sweating Sickness kicked England’s ass. Wolsey and Anne survived; Compton and others weren’t quite so lucky.

An artist is looking through a magnifying glass at Henry and Katherine, who appear to be sitting for a miniature. Henry, what did I say about the mixed messages?

Meanwhile, Wolsey’s in his study when a servant enters and announces Cardinal Campeggio, the pope’s representative in the divorce case. Campeggio enters slowly, using a cane and leaning on an assistant. Wolsey greets him with a hug and calls him Lorenzo, so clearly they’ve been friends for a while. Campeggio apologizes for his immobility—he has gout, apparently. The two cardinals sit down near the fire and Wolsey tells Campeggio that Henry wants the court to be set up to try the case as soon as possible. Campeggio understands, but he reminds Wolsey that his decision will be final, there’ll be no appeals here. He reveals that the pope wants to keep Henry happy, but it’ll be best to persuade Henry to give up this case. Wolsey rather impatiently tells Campeggio that if Henry doesn’t get his way, the church will lose England altogether.

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The Tudors Season 1 Episode 6 recap: Cardinal Clueless

Previously on The Tudors: Henry decided to jettison Katherine and promised Anne he wouldn’t sleep with her until they were married. Speaking of marriage, Henry’s sister Margaret married his buddy, Charles Brandon, and got herself banished from court as punishment. Henry got tired of his alliance with the Holy Roman Emperor and got back into bed with the French. The Emperor got annoyed and sacked Rome, taking the pope hostage.

At Hever, Anne’s reading yet another sappy letter from Henry aloud to her father and uncle. It gets awkward when Anne gets to the part about Henry wanting to kiss her breasts, but they get past it. Boleyn, finally acting like he cares about his own child, asks her how she feels about all this, and Anne admits she wasn’t happy about it at first, but it seems she’s starting to develop actual feelings for Henry. Norfolk advises her not to fall for her own masquerade but to use the king’s love to get rid of Wolsey. Her father tells her Wolsey’s standing in the family’s way and it’s her job to make sure he’s gone.

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The Tudors Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very-Bad Days

Previously on the Tudors: Henry freaked out about not having an heir. His sister Margaret banged Charles Brandon, married the King of Portugal, and then murdered her husband. Wolsey’s job description now includes procuring royal divorces.

Unsurprisingly, we open at Whitehall, where Cromwell is reading a proclamation making Thomas Boleyn Lord Rochford. Boleyn accepts his new scepter of state and bows to the king, stepping away as Henry’s illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, is ushered in. He’s a fairly adorable blonde kid who looks to be about 4 years old. He’s wearing a miniature robe of state and kneels at his father’s feet as he’s proclaimed Duke of Richmond and Somerset, as well as Earl of Nottingham. Bessie looks on proudly while Katherine listens in, hidden behind a tapestry.

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