The Conquerors

This is a big day for battles. On October 14, 1066, William the Conqueror and his Norman army defeated King Harold II’s exhausted troops, essentially beginning the Norman Conquest of England. The Battle of Hastings—which was actually fought a good six miles northwest of Hastings at Senlac Hill, capped off a pretty chaotic year in England. Edward the Confessor died in January, and his throne … Continue reading The Conquerors

All Together Now

On May 1, 1328, the English Parliament ratified the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton, ending the First War of Scottish Independence, which had dragged on since 1296. Under the provisions of the treaty, Scotland paid England £20,000 and England recognized Scotland as an independent nation, with Robert the Bruce as king and his heirs as rightful inheritors of the crown. The peace lasted only five years: in … Continue reading All Together Now