Ripper Street: Men of Iron, Men of Smoke

Previously on Ripper Street: Rose and Drake took in little Connor, whom Jackson secretly visits, which does not make Drake happy, when he finds out. Susan’s gotten quite fond of Croker, and vice versa, and Reid might still look into the Isaac Bloom case. Oh, and you may have forgotten (I know I sure did), but waaaay back in season 1, Drake saved a boy, Thomas Gower, from being hanged for murder by enlisting him in the army.

This week, it’s all about surrogate parents/mentors and their relationship with those pesky kids.

First up: Croker. Susan realises he’s been ripping off the Customs House by helping himself to a few things here and there. She goes to work on Croker’s right-hand man/kind of adopted son and gets him to show her how he gets into the Customs House. He does, and she immediately decides to bring Jackson back and rob the place’s strongroom, even though that’s incredibly dangerous. Croker is not on board with this, but she pressures him, using his newfound affection for her as a sort of stand-in daughter.

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Ripper Street: Women’s Lib

Programme Name: Ripper Street - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 2) - Embargoed for publication until: n/a - Picture Shows:  Silas Duggan (FRANK HARPER), Long Susan (MYANNA BURING) - (C) Tiger Aspect - Photographer: Steffan HillPreviously on Ripper Street: Susan was getting shaken down by her skeevy landlord, which created a rift between herself and Jackson.

We open on…Rose? Wow, I didn’t expect to see her again. She’s working in a music hall now, just like she always wanted, but unfortunately she’s not performing, she’s waitressing. And maybe it’s for the best, because the show’s a pretty tactless song and dance about the Ripper. Nice. Two gentlemen in the audience are plainly disgusted, and even more so when Rose comes over with drinks. One of them calls the place a den of iniquity and promises to have it closed by the end of the week. And yet, he does not get up and leave, as one would expect. Rose rolls her eyes and moves on to another table, where Jackson and Susan are having a crappy date night. After a little small talk, she moves on, and Jackson and Susan get tense again. He complains, and she reminds him they’re there to support Rose. A dark-haired woman comes in, eyes some of the guests, and catches Susan’s eye. She turns away with a smirk. During the performance, the lights go out briefly, and when they come back on, the snooty jerk is gone, and his friend has a bloodstain on the front of his shirt and is mighty confused. He raises the alarm. How convenient that Jackson’s already there! Snooty Jerk, meanwhile, is being bundled  out the back of the theatre.

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Ripper Street: Freak Show

Ripper-Street-Episode-2-02-Am-I-Not-Monstrous-ripper-street-35971024-500-333Previously on Ripper Street: Reid crossed paths with Dr Treves, best known to history as the man who rescued The Elephant Man, and Shine, a dangerous sociopath working in K division. Susan’s getting shaken down by her skeevy landlord, and Jackson’s considering a move abroad.

We start with a closeup of something difficult to identify but is probably something gross, before we switch to a woman in labour, staggering along the streets. She makes it to a hospital, where she begs the nurses for help. She’s brought to an operating room and Treves is sent for. He calls for chloroform and gets ready to perform a C section. Could they do those safely in 1890? Guess in this universe they can, because when next she wakes, it’s to the sound of her baby crying.

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Ripper Street: H and K

imageAgain, WTF, BBC? First I had no idea The Paradise had come slinking back, and now Ripper Street made a fairly unlauded return? Only months after the first series aired? Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted to see it back, but now I’m wondering what’s going to make my long, dark winter nights more enjoyable come January. Unless that’s when they’re planning on running series 3 (if there is a series 3).

We open on a man who’s about 90% teeth—and a copper with K division, apparently—pounding on a door with one of those slidey eye-hatches and demanding to know where ‘she’ is. The man who appears at the hatch—a Chinaman, and yes, that is important—says she’s not there and slams the peephole shut.

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Ripper Street: Lonely Hearts

Reid, Jackson, and Drake in episode 8 of Ripper StreetPreviously on Ripper Street: An old enemy of Jackson’s showed up, seeking revenge, and ended up with a bullet in his skull. Before he wound up in the dead room, however, he killed Hobbs and framed Jackson for a Ripper-esque murder, and Abberline wasted no time locking him up.

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Ripper Street: Womenfolk

ripper_street_7Previously on Ripper Street: There was mysterious weirdness between Susan and Jackson, who are both on the run from someone. Drake attempted to hand his heart to Rose, who kind of trampled on it.

You know, I really have to hand it to this show. I expected the Susan/Jackson story’s resolution to be the series finale, since it’s been so carefully drawn out, but they went and tackled it in this, the penultimate episode, leaving a whole other week to fill with something else. And you know what? I’m intrigued for next week. There are definite possibilities. Good move, show.

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Ripper Street: Mother Russia

Courtesy; BBCPreviously on Ripper Street: Drake and Jackson started to find some common ground and we had hints of something bad having happened to Reid when his daughter disappeared.

Workers are striking down by the docks as one man who reads rather stereotypically Jewish detaches himself from the crowd and moves away from it with purpose. He makes his way to a door marked International Workers Educational Club, knocks, and is admitted.

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Ripper Street: In Extremis

BBC/Tiger AspectPreviously on Ripper Street: We found out that Drake served as a soldier (presumably during the Second Anglo-Egyptian War) and came home with some tattoos and nightmares. He also developed a serious crush on Rose.

Drake is getting ready for his day, shaving, getting dressed. While he’s doing that, a man loads up a sniper rifle, takes aim from a second story-window at a horse drawing the Victorian-era equivalent of an armoured car, and fires.

The horse lies dead in the street, and before the stunned driver can even react, smoke cannisters go off and masked men emerge and attack.

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