Great Expectations: Part II

Previously on Great Expectations: Pip almost helped a convict escape, then got drafted to play with a miserable little girl being fostered by the local nutjob. After he grew up, he received a sudden inheritance from a mysterious benefactor and was sent off to London.

Pip arrives in London and it’s all noisy and busy and he’s wide-eyed and country boy-esque. He’s dropped off at the Inns of Court so he can meet with Jaggers. He asks someone where the office is and the guy goes off his nut and starts screaming about how he was there first. Jaggers arrives, surrounded by a crowd of pleading people, and Mr. Me First offers to pay him double if he’ll take his brother’s case. Jaggers is already on the others side of that, so he gestures for Pip to follow him inside.

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Great Expectations: Part I

We get a very poetic opening, with a chrysalis opening into a butterfly…underwater, on lace, so…ok. Also, it seems Ray Winstone’s the more important cast member here, since he’s listed even before Gillian Anderson. I have no problem with that—I kind of love Ray Winstone. Did you know he used to be a professional boxer before he became an actor? No wonder he looks like he could kick every ass in the room.

A man breaks through the surface of some swampy, offshore area. It’s misty and kind of miserable out, but all the same there’s a little boy visiting and weeding the grave of his parents. This is Pip, our hero, or, at least, our leading man.

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