The Adventure Ends

On October 29, 1618 the adventures officially ended for Sir Walter Raleigh, who was executed for allegedly plotting against King James I. After a murky beginning, Raleigh first started his rise to prominence when he took part in the suppression of the Desmond Rebellions in Ireland. He was awarded with estates that made him one of the principal landowners in Munster, where he made the … Continue reading The Adventure Ends

Robert Dudley

Farewell, Robert. On September 4, 1558, Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester, favorite and rumored lover of Queen Elizabeth, died near Oxford from a longstanding illness. Robert was born in June 1532, the fifth son of the Duke of Northumberland. He was well educated and spent time at the courts of both Henry VIII and Edward VI. He married an heiress, Amy Robsart, in 1550, … Continue reading Robert Dudley

The Spanish Armada

On May 28, 1588, the ill-fated Spanish Armada started sailing out of Lisbon, heading for the English Channel. The fleet, which consisted of 151 ships, 8,000 sailors, and 18,000 soldiers, was so huge it took two days for the whole thing to make its way out of Lisbon. The English attempted some last-minute diplomacy, but when that failed they battened down the hatches and sent … Continue reading The Spanish Armada