Boardwalk Empire: Shootout

boardwalk-empire-chalky-4-10Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Masseria started trafficking heroin to New York via Tampa, Chalky went fully on the warpath against Narcisse, Knox put the squeeze on Eli, and Margaret’s boss scammed Rothstein.

Cream swirls artistically into a cup of coffee, poured by Eli, who’s in a diner giving Knox some intel on one of Torrio’s guys, Balanchek, I think. He reassures Knox that this guy is Torrio’s right hand.  Knox reassures Eli that what he’s doing takes courage, and that he’s a good dad. Eli looks like he wants to hang himself.

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Boardwalk Empire: I’m Getting Married in the Morning

boardwalk-empire-marriage-and-hunting-michael-shannon-600x400Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Chalky figured out that Dunn was allied with Narcisse and dealing H, and during their tussle Daughter Maitland killed Dunn. Rothstein started showing signs of a serious gambling problem, and Richard returned to town.

Van Alden’s under the sink in his kitchen, trying to fix something, unsuccessfully. His wife is not pleased. Van Alden is not pleased with his crying son and bleeding hand. The missus complains about the house and mocks Van Alden’s job, making it clear she knows he’s no florist. She basically tells him to step up and get more cash.

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Boardwalk Empire: The Gospel Truth

627Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Nucky hooked up with Sally down in Tampa, Will decided he wanted to join the family business, and Dunn got a bit out of hand and killed the Baptist church’s reverend.

Small satchel in hand, Dunn approaches a house, stopping to pluck a cigarette from the porch steps. He knocks and is admitted by an elderly lady he calls Ms Monroe. Inside, we see that the place has become a really, really nice crack den. Junkies are draped all over Ms Monroe’s furniture, passed out on their heroin highs. Ms Monroe tells Dunn she’s got relatives coming that week and he smilingly pays her off. As Dunn walks through the house, he steps on a discarded needle and scolds one of his minions, reminding him that Monroe likes to keep the place tidy.

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Boardwalk Empire: A Vague Feeling of Unease

be-ep-7-1Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Knox had trouble getting J Edgar on board with his notion of a nationwide criminal network; Daughter Maitland had an affair with Chalky while Nucky started one of his own with Sally down in Florida, and Al vowed revenge after his brother, Frank, was gunned down.

The camera irises out on a policeman reading about the Leopold and Loeb case. Al walks right up to him, shoots him point-blank in the head, and hops in a getaway car. Ok, then. Guess that’s one way to contest a parking ticket.

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Boardwalk Empire: Slap, Slap, Kiss

northstarPreviously on Boardwalk Empire: Lansky went into business in Florida with Nucky, Chalky gave his new singer a hard time, and Eddie killed himself out of extreme guilt for telling Knox about his meeting with Capone.

We open on Nucky sitting in a restaurant, watching his coffee cup vibrate. He’s in a train station, hence the vibrations, and he tells the waiter he never noticed that before. He looks up and sees none other than Margaret coming towards him, with a kicky new haircut. She sits stiffly (this was obviously a prearranged meeting) and tells him she doesn’t have much time. He tries to get some intel on where she works but she chooses to focus instead on the cinnamon roll he has in front of him, reminding him he hates cinnamon. They talk a bit about Nucky’s upcoming trip to Florida, and then Nucky tells her Eddie’s gone. She misunderstands, thinking he just quit, and Nucky can’t quite deal, so he instead of explaining he hands over the gift for Teddy. She backs up and asks what happened to Eddie and Nucky hesitantly hints around that Eddie’s dead. She tries hard to wrap her head around that and scolds him, saying he can’t just turn up and tell her these awful things that happen in his business. She’s trying to live a normal life now. They turn back to the present, and she asks if he’s giving Teddy some kind of creature. ‘I wouldn’t put something alive in a box,’ Nucky says thoughtlessly. Ouch. Both of their faces register as much, and after an awkward moment she thanks him, checks the time, and excuses herself. Before she leaves, she tells Nucky she’s sorry about Eddie, because nobody knew how to look after Nucky like he did.

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Boardwalk Empire: Strung Out

boardwalk-empire-season-4-episode-5-stephen-graham-600x399Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Eli’s son accidentally killed a classmate, Narcisse got Dunn in on the heroin racket, Knox arrested Eddie, and the Capones recruited Van Alden.

Nucky gets a phone call from a seriously freaked-out Willie, begging for help. The camera lingers on a pair of birds hopping around a cage and then moves on to other items around Eddie’s living quarters: his books, sheet music by Schubert, a picture of his two sons, as Nucky calls for him. But Eddie hasn’t been home, and New Eddie says he hasn’t seen him. Nucky calls for the car.

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Boardwalk Empire: All In

boardwalk13_36Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Van Alden made contact with the Capones, Nucky promoted Eddie to the position of full-on sidekick, and Nucky got involved in a land deal in Tampa.

In Chicago, a fat guy hauls himself slowly and sweatily up some stairs to make a collection. He makes it to the top, gets his money, then seems to have a heart attack and tumbles back down the stairs. Not a good day for this guy.

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Boardwalk Empire: Acres of Diamonds

boardwalk-empire-acres-of-diamonds_article_story_mainPreviously on Boardwalk Empire: Chalky lost 10% of his club to Narcisse, Nucky considered a business opportunity in Florida, and Two Face started to put his killin’ days behind him.

Two rather menacing looking men escort Nucky down a dark corridor and into a fairly palatial hotel room. Nucky takes a minute to check out the mural on the wall, which I’m going to assume is Xanadu or something like it, since that seems to fit, and then goes over to the window where he stands, looking out at the sea, which is a bit bluer than it is in AC.

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Boardwalk Empire: A Thing Weakened

www.indiewire.comPreviously on Boardwalk Empire: Dunn killed a highly connected New York talent agent, the new Prohibition agent in town turned out to be a devious bastard, Al recruited his brothers to the family business, and Two Face went home.

We start off by joining Van Alden on his flower deliveries. Yes, really. He’s working for O’Banion’s cover/flower shop these days. The first few deliveries go without incident, but the third guy gets a sock in the nose and a demand for O’Banion’s money instead of a bouquet. ‘Better not to vow than to vow and not pay,’ says V-A as he helps himself to the cash the guy has on him. Once a zealot, always a zealot.

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Boardwalk Empire: The Family Business

Capone brothers, image: HBOPreviously on Boardwalk Empire: Season 3 ended in a crazy bloodbath after Nucky joined forces with Chalky and Al to take out Gyp Rosetti, one of the worst villains I’ve ever seen on a TV show in my life. Margaret took the kids and hit the road, aborting Owen’s baby along the way, and Two Face similarly got out of AC, after handing Jimmy’s little boy off to his girlfriend, Julia.

We start off at some backwater diner in Warsaw, Indiana, where two overdressed goons are complaining about the radio station. The diner owner drawls that this is the only station they get, and when the guys ask him what there is to see in the area, he tells them all about how they have the second longest contiguous brick wall in the world, just in case we hadn’t yet figured out that we’re in Hicksville, here. Goon 2 tells Goon 1 they should go, so Goon 1 lays a $10 on the bar and they leave.

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