Raspberry Chilli Jam

I don’t know why, but making jam gives me an immense sense of satisfaction. Seeing the ingredients come together, simmer down into that thick, delicious mixture, and then admiring those lovely rows of jewel-tone jars…I love it. And with fruit now coming in fast and furious, this is jam-making season.

I’ve been doing jams and preserves for a few years now, which means I’ve learned quite a few things, the most important being: most jam recipes are terrible. I don’t even use recipes anymore, I just go by instinct, what I know I and my husband like (not too much sugar), and flavours I know go together. And it’s working out pretty well for us.

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Marmalade in jars


‘Oh, dear, bought marmalade. I call that very feeble.’–The Countess of Trentham, Gosford Park Oddly, the bleak midwinter is the best time for citrus fruits. You think they’d be a summer crop, but apparently not. And for a brief window of time, knobby, super-sour Seville oranges start showing up, and you know it’s marmalade making time. My parents have the best story about marmalade, I … Continue reading Marmalade