Call the Midwife: Sudden Death

Midwife season 2 episode 2Previously on Call the Midwife: A childhood friend of Jenny’s, Jimmy, declared his love for her and got turned down; Chummy decided she wanted to give the missionary life a try.

Jenny and Cynthia leave a home after a birth while JVO talks about how the mothers gave them their trust, which made the midwives brave. They weren’t invincible, of course, and faced challenges of their own.

Chummy and Noakes, meanwhile, are adorably dancing to You Are My Special Angel, dressed in their PJs and dressing gowns. God, how I love these two. So cute! Chummy can’t believe they’re actually going to be going to Africa and worries she might be making a mistake. He tells her he’s at her side, and that she can change her mind if she wants to, but he’ll support her no matter what she wants to do. So cute!

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Call the Midwife: Dealing With What the Lord Has Sent Us

Call the Midwife title cardLondon, 1957. Jenny Lee, our main character, makes her way through the East End with a big suitcase, looking around and ignoring catcalls. In voiceover, Vanessa Redgrave tells us that she could have been a model, or a pianist, or something else equally glamorous, but instead she chose to become a midwife and head to the poorest area of the city, for some as yet undefined reason. As she approaches her destination, she comes across two women catfighting. It seems that the woman who has the upper hand has been stepping out with the other one’s husband. The neighbors gather to cheer, and finally a few bobbies appear and try to break it up. They continue fighting until a fierce-looking nun busts in and loudly asks which one is her patient. Wronged wife stands up and we can see she’s pretty preggo. Nun shakes her head, unsurprised either that this woman, Pearl Winston, is fighting or knocked up. Nun marches Pearl inside as Vanessa tells us that midwifery is the very stuff of life and midwives see it all. Thanks for giving us the reason for this show at the start—makes my job easier!

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