Ripper Street: Speak for the Dead

wj6uz5hm66ffPreviously on Ripper Street: The gang got back together, very uneasily, and investigated the death of a woman and disappearance of a girl who turned out to be Reid’s supposedly dead daughter. She’s with Susan, but Reid was told she was dead, and he killed the man who had her before going on the run.

Lights up on a stage, where an extravagantly dressed clairvoyant named Alexander Le Cheyne starts his show.

Meanwhile, Drake goes into Reid’s now-empty office and looks sad.

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Ripper Street: Whitechapel Terminus

Ripper-Street-3-aPreviously on Ripper Street: Drake lost his way after the death of his wife, despite Rose’s attempts to drag him back to the land of the living. Reid started to turn into the worst possible version of himself, Jackson screwed things up so badly with Susan it looks like curtains for them for good, and Susan got her hands on a bad man’s considerable financial holdings.

Man, I am SO stoked to have this show back. Three cheers for fan outrage!

A man limps into a dingy warehouse, joining some thugs who are already there. He introduces himself as ‘railways’. They are ‘guns’. That makes things simpler. Gun 1 tells Railways to tell them what he knows and he shows them a railway map and tells them he’s figured out how to make the train they want to steal go exactly where they want it to. There’s also a little talk about the fact that none of them have met the man who’s actually hiring them for this job.

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