Poldark: The Real Thing

Ross disperses a mob in Poldark season 2 episode 10Previously on Poldark: Ross screwed up big time, and the repercussions are likely to be far-reaching. Elizabeth married George, Caroline spurned Enys, and Demelza very nearly cheated.

Well, at least they ended strong.

George continues to prove that he’s not only an arrogant little idiot, but simply has no concept of when to stop already. It’s not enough that he’s married Elizabeth and now lives in the Poldark family’s ancestral home. Oh, no! Now he’s fencing in the land around Trenwith and setting those two thugs who almost killed Judd to policing the fenceline. They do, with quite a bit more force than is warranted. After some local faces are introduced to a pair of rifle butts, resentment in the neighbourhood begins to seriously seethe.

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Poldark: Aftermath

Previously on Poldark: Elizabeth realised she was looking down the barrel of many lonely years of widowhood and penury, so she accepted George Warleggan’s marriage proposal. An accident at Wheal Grace (plus, not having any more money) convinced Ross to close the mine down. After reaching that decision, and hearing of Elizabeth’s engagement, he went to Trenwith and raped her.

This show’s timeline issues really reached their apotheosis tonight, and it drove me nuts. I spent a good half of this episode thinking we were watching events unfolding the day after Ross’s night at Trenwith, when, in fact, they’re happening some days, even weeks, later. Which makes more than a few things not make sense.

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Aiden Turner as Ross Poldark in Season 2 episode 8 of Poldark

Poldark: Look Up, and You’ll See Rock Bottom!

Previously on Poldark: Ross nearly got caught running around with the smuggling ring and was only saved by Enys’s intervention, which cost Enys Caroline. Elizabeth realised life is pretty chilly without a man, and when Ross wasn’t available to be at her beck and call, she immediately turned to George.

It’s another week, which means it’s time for things to get infinitely worse for everyone, including the viewer. Actually, that’s not entirely true–things are great for Verity, who seems to exist solely to prove that getting the hell out of this town is the best damn thing anyone can do for themselves. She comes back for a visit, accompanied by her crazy adorable stepson, who charms the heck out of everyone and possibly recruits Enys into the armed forces as a battle surgeon. Enys, drooping enormously after having been thoroughly dumped by Caroline (who returned all his letters and told him not to contact her again) actually seems to be considering it. Also: Verity’s pregnant! Hooray!

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Aiden Turner as Ross Poldark in season 2 episode 7 of Poldark

Poldark: The Informant

Previously on Poldark: George started making moves on Elizabeth, Ross made extra money by helping out the local smugglers, and Enys fell for Caroline.

First things first: Enys is not dead. He is, however, single again, which is good news for those fans who lean more Dwight than Ross.

In one of the show’s more tightly plotted, tense episodes, we finally learned who our informant is (shockingly, they have no connection to George Warleggan). And Elizabeth pouts and acts like a bit of a brat, which makes me want to pull her aside and tell her, ‘Honey, you’re a strong, capable young woman, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Even though they’ve been telling you differently your whole life. You DO NOT need George or Ross to run your life. You can do this! Or, if you can’t, leave everything to Aunt Agatha. She seems to have it pretty well in hand.’

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Ross and Elizabeth in season 2 episode 6 of Poldark

Poldark: Merry Christmas!

Previously on Poldark: Francis totally thought he’d hit copper down in the mine, and then he drowned.

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s not looking like a merry one for anyone. Except Enys, because Caroline’s back! And she still hasn’t learned how these ‘relationship’ things work, but she’s willing to try and muddle through. She also tries to convince Enys to set up a fashionable practice somewhere…not in Cornwall, but he refuses to just be some bored doctor to rich hypochondriacs, because: Honour. And to her credit, Caroline is fairly cool with it.

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Francis inspects the mine in season 2 episode 5 of Poldark

Poldark: Sink or Swim

Previously on Poldark: Frances totally turned his life around, and he and Ross went into business together, opening up an old mine. George continued to be a total cartoon villain, Demelza worried about her marriage and gave birth to a son, and Enys and Caroline flirted all over the place.

All right, let’s stock some tissues and do this.

A year has passed, so the Poldark sprog is a toddler now and Wheal Grace is fixed up and ready for business. Things are looking up! Which means it’s time for things to get depressing.

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Aiden Turner and Elinor Tomlinson in episode 4 of Poldark

Poldark: Family Time

Previously on Poldark: Francis and Ross buried the hatchet, Caroline started moving in on Enys, Demelza found out she was expecting, and George had Jud beaten almost to death.

I’m so glad we still get to see Verity! Poor Verity, though, is pretty bummed out that her brother won’t speak to her, and her stepchildren shun her. But, happily for her, things are moving in a positive direction on both fronts. Blamey runs into Ross and Francis in town, and Ross basically orders Francis to just get over it already and take a nice walk with himself and Blamey. And Francis does! (He’s in a good mood, for reasons we’ll get to a little later). So, while Francis is not exactly inviting his brother-in-law over for poker night, he’s at least on cordial speaking terms with him.

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Francis and his son at the harvest in episode 3 of Poldark

Poldark: Interest

Previously on Poldark: Ross went on trial and somehow managed to be found not guilty, despite trying his damnest to get a noose around his neck. Francis, too, decided it was time to shuffle off the mortal coil, but his gun misfired, so now he’s reconsidering. Demelza’s pregnant again, but hasn’t told Ross because he doesn’t want another child. George is now determined to take over Wheal Leisure purely so he can control Ross, the local heiress has set her sights on Dr Enys, and Jud and Prudie get their old jobs back.

Ross is back home, and back to being a total dick to his wife, ignoring her and very rudely abandoning her when they have a guest (McNeil, his old army buddy, who clearly has an interest in Demelza). Demelza gets tired of it and lets him have it, because it’s not like she doesn’t have enough to deal with just now. Ross gets mad for a while, but then they both apologise and he admits that the insane interest on the £1,000 loan he took out last year is due: all £400 of it. They only manage to rustle up the cash by basically selling everything, including the rugs they stand on and nearly all the livestock. In order to do the latter, Demelza has to go deal with the local lech, who gets very handsy with her and basically tells her he’ll only buy her cow if she sleeps with him. McNeil appears just when he’s needed, and promises to look out for Demelza in the future.

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Poldark Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Ross in the Dock

Aiden Turner as Ross Poldark in series 2 episode 2 of PoldarkPreviously on Poldark: Ross was arrested for inciting a riot and leading a pillaging party down to the beach (but, really, he was arrested because George Warleggan is the most vindictive, petty little cuss that ever drew breath). He was sent to Bodmin for his trial, and everyone else headed that way as well, because along with this super exciting trial, there’s an election going on. Francis went to support his cousin, and wound up giving George a piece of his mind before, possibly, shooting himself in the head.

First things first: Francis is not dead. He would be, but the gun misfired. Poor guy can’t even manage his own suicide. Dwight returns to his room at the inn to find Francis all maudlin, trying to decide if he should give this another go. Dwight reaaaaaally uneasily goes to bed, because now on top of being his best friend’s only defense witness, he’s got a suicidal roommate. Worst out-of-town weekend ever.

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Poldark: Oh, Ross

PoldarkPreviously on Poldark: Ross Poldark returned to Cornwall after fighting for the British in America and received the worst homecoming ever: his girlfriend, Elizabeth, was set to marry his cousin, Francis; his father was dead; his home mortgaged and in a serious state of disrepair; and his mine was just sitting there. But Ross is kind of great and, instead of just sulking about all of that, he got the mine going again, gave everyone around him jobs, and fell in love with and married Demelza, who’s really great. But Ross has his weaknesses too, and one of them is being impolitic. He upset the new-money Warleggans one time too many, and so when he led a group of starving people to the beach to pick clean a shipwreck, the Warleggans basically framed him for inciting a riot, scavenging, and murder.

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