The Great British Bake Off: Get a Pieful

Kate-Bake-Off-piePreviously on The Great British Bake Off: Some hateful producers forced the Bakewells to make ice cream-based desserts on the hottest day of the year with two freezers completely non-functional. Diana apparently took Iain’s dessert out of the freezer and just left it sitting out, which naturally turned it into a Lake Alaska (courtesy: Sue). In a fit of pique, Iain binned it and was unceremoniously sent off by Paul and Mary.

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Great British Bakeoff: Pie? Oh, My!

Kimberleys-winning-bacon-chicken-butternut-squash-and-tumeric-filo-pie-Previously on The Great British Bakeoff: Poor Howard had a terrible week as his custard got pinched and things kept just going wrong from there. He managed to hang on, though, and instead we lost Mark and Deborah. Ruby continued knocking it out of the park, but she was beaten out for Star Baker by Christine, who was flat-out amazing.

It’s tarts week, so feel free to insert your own very obvious joke there. Mel and Sue are wearing fake fat bellies and singing ‘who ate all the pies’. Heh. The Bakewells are welcomed to ‘a life of pie’ and reassured they won’t have to look after a tiger. They will have to do a double-crusted fruit pie for their signature bake. Mmmm, pie. It’s feeling like proper autumn here now, which is strangely putting me in a fruit pie mood. The apples are particularly fabulous this year, so now I want apple pie. Mmm, apple pie.

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