The Village: Thy Will Be Done

village-483902808Hey everybody. I know I’ve been totally remiss this week, but I’ve been moving to a new flat. And even though this move (down two floors in the same building) was far less traumatic than the last one (Atlanta to Philadelphia to Scotland), it’s still exhausting, you know? And the new flat’s still chaotic, which drives me nuts, so if I’m a little bitchier than usual in this recap, I’m sorry.

Where were we? Right—Previously on The Village: Caro’s family took her baby away, which upset her quite a bit, as did George’s determination to march off to war, so she begged him to stay. Eyre was less determined to go—so much less so, he had to be forced into it. He went, giving Bert his camera, accompanied by Joe, who came back for a brief leave a fairly haunted man.

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Peak Park

As spring seems to have finally arrived, I’m in an outdoorsy mood, so today we’re celebrating the Peak District, which became the United Kingdom’s first national park on 17 April 1951. The massive park covers 555 square miles of Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, and South and West Yorkshire and attracts an estimated 22 million visitors per year, making it the second most visited national … Continue reading Peak Park