Boardwalk Empire: If You Give a Nucky a Nickel, He’s Gonna Want a Dime

1000px-EldoradoPreviously on Boardwalk Empire: Young Nucky’s mentor, Sheriff Lindsay, decided he’d had enough of pimping out children to the Commodore and left it up to Nucky to continue his awful, awful work. Nucky and Margaret started shorting Mayflower Grain Corp’s stock, Lucky and Meyer got to work creating a crime family consortium, Eli’s wandering around rather aimlessly, and Capone’s about to get nailed on tax evasion charges.

No opening credits this week, just a shot of a pile of clothes (looks like someone watched Mad Men) and then we see Nucky walking naked into the ocean. He starts to swim, further and further out, so far that I start to wonder if he’s just going to drown and the entire episode will just be a black screen or tying up everyone else’s loose ends or something.

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Boardwalk Empire: Let’s Make a Deal

cdn.indiewire.comPreviously on Boardwalk Empire: Meyer and Lucky made moves against Nucky and Maranzano, prompting Nucky to go ahead and declare war. Eli managed to get out of the whole Capone situation alive (unlike Van Alden), which could make things super awkward for his eldest son, who’s now working in the US attorney’s office.

Will Thompson’s boss gets on the radio to talk about the crime wave engulfing New York and New Jersey, as we’re treated to vintage photos and headlines of said massacres. We also see how jumpy Lucky and Meyer are (with good reason). Every time a door opens they clearly start. But their time has not come. Yet. Nucky is still hitting the booze hard. He reluctantly puts down a bottle of Bacardi to go meet with a strangely chill Maranzano.

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Boardwalk Empire: I’m Getting Married in the Morning

boardwalk-empire-marriage-and-hunting-michael-shannon-600x400Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Chalky figured out that Dunn was allied with Narcisse and dealing H, and during their tussle Daughter Maitland killed Dunn. Rothstein started showing signs of a serious gambling problem, and Richard returned to town.

Van Alden’s under the sink in his kitchen, trying to fix something, unsuccessfully. His wife is not pleased. Van Alden is not pleased with his crying son and bleeding hand. The missus complains about the house and mocks Van Alden’s job, making it clear she knows he’s no florist. She basically tells him to step up and get more cash.

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Boardwalk Empire: Strung Out

boardwalk-empire-season-4-episode-5-stephen-graham-600x399Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Eli’s son accidentally killed a classmate, Narcisse got Dunn in on the heroin racket, Knox arrested Eddie, and the Capones recruited Van Alden.

Nucky gets a phone call from a seriously freaked-out Willie, begging for help. The camera lingers on a pair of birds hopping around a cage and then moves on to other items around Eddie’s living quarters: his books, sheet music by Schubert, a picture of his two sons, as Nucky calls for him. But Eddie hasn’t been home, and New Eddie says he hasn’t seen him. Nucky calls for the car.

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Boardwalk Empire: Scarred for Life

Previously on Boardwalk Empire: With Gillian’s help, Gyp bombed Babette’s, almost taking Nucky and Rothstein along with it.

Babette’s is still a blackened mess. Workers are clearing the debris, including the sign, as curious onlookers…onlook. Meanwhile, at the Ritz, Nucky’s getting a physical from  his doctor, who says he’s got a concussion and the double vision and ringing ears will go away soon. He advises bedrest, but Nucky’s got things to do. He tells Eddie to call Eli over and gets up to dress, but then feels lightheaded, so the doctor tells him to lie down and reminds him how lucky he was. Nucky briefly thinks of Billie.

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Jersey Pride

Since it’s my home state, I feel somewhat obligated to give this particular nod: on March 12, 1664 was officially declared an English colony, after being taken from the Dutch. In its earliest days, the area was settled by the Dutch and Swedish and duly called New Netherland and New Sweden. The Dutch concentrated their settlements in the north, and in 1661 Peter Stuyvesant granted … Continue reading Jersey Pride