War and Peace: Peace at Last

Previously on War and Peace: Natasha trashed her relationship with Andrei, who decided he could never forgive her or anyone else, and then learned to forgive after all following the devastating Battle of Borodino. Pierre was at Borodino too, kind of as a tourist, but he got to feel a little useful. His wife, who it seems will sleep with anyone other than her own husband, found herself expecting a little surprise.

Sorry this is so absurdly late, everyone. We had family visiting, and that tends to mean free time = 0 (especially when you throw a toddler into a mix). Not that I would have changed a bit of it.

Napoleon reaches the outskirts of Moscow, hardly able to believe that he’s been able to just wander up to Russia’s sacred city. He decides not to destroy the place and will, instead, be merciful and bring freedom etc. to the city. He declares this the dawn of a new age in Russia.

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