Call the Midwife: We Are Family

Call_the_Midwife_series_two__episode_eight___preview_pictures_and_predictionsPreviously on Call the Midwife: Chummy came back, all knocked up and Jenny lost Jimmy, for good, it seems.

JVO talks about how exciting things are at Nonnatus now that Chummy’s back and how everything just seemed soooo perfect. Nothing going to go wrong here! Chummy and the girls are washing baby clothes that Cynthia’s mother sent for Chummy to use. Chummy unwittingly puts one of the little cardigans through a wash wringer, crushing the mother-of-pearl buttons that came off of Cynthia’s mother’s wedding dress. Chummy apologises profusely for her fumbling.

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Call the Midwife: Pimp Slap

call_the_midwife_4839028Previously on Call the Midwife: Women gave birth, Sister MJ was a bit out of it, Sister Evangelina was fabulous, Chummy got married.

To some strangely ominous sounding twangy guitar music that doesn’t quite jive with the usual soundtrack, Jenny bikes through the East End, along with some of the men on their way to work. JVO reflects that her journey to womanhood began with this job, which kept her very busy all the time. Jenny arrives at Nonnatus, where the nuns and other midwives surprise her with a birthday cake (Sister MJ swipes her finger right through the icing). Jenny thanks them and attempts to blow out the candles.

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