Call the Midwife: Secrets and Lies

Shelagh and Dr Turner enjoy their staycationThe Nonnatuns, assisted by the Turners, host some sort of afternoon tea for the elderly folks of the neighbourhood. The girls complain about one totally gross old man who keeps sexually harassing them. A woman named Mrs Hills arrives with some cockles for everyone to share and the girls invite her to sit, noticing that she’s quite pregnant. Trixie’s surprised, since no word of any pregnancy had reached them, despite the fact they delivered the woman’s four other children. She says she’s going to have the baby in hospital, since she’s an older mother and they want to keep an eye on her.

Patsy hands Timothy a key and cryptically discusses some plan that he, she, and Shelagh have hatched together. He’s sent inside for more cream and finds his dad having a snooze on the sofa inside Nonnatus. He wakes his dad and tells the doctor he really needs to have a holiday.

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Call the Midwife: Our Children

70282Previously on Call the Midwife: Sister Evangelina went away to have surgery, Cynthia came back as a nun.

JVO talks about how she could never have been a nun. Cynthia studies and puts on her veil before heading out of her room for the day.

Julienne knocks and enters MJ’s room. MJ’s been sick and complains about her medicines—antibiotics, which she refers to as moulds that are disturbing her sleep. Julienne reminds her that they’re helping and goes to take MJ’s temperature.

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