Boardwalk Empire: Don’t Cry For Me, Peggy Rowan

Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Nucky realized his ship was leaking worse than the Lusitania, and that Eli and Jimmy were a part of it. Margaret, however, proved she was 110% on Nucky’s side, the lucky guy.

It’s morning in the poorer part of town, and Van Alden’s sitting down to breakfast. Lucy comes in dressed in a negligée and tells Van Alden the baby was kicking. That’s really just an opening for her to ask him to let her outside every once in a while, because she’s going seriously stir crazy. He’s not at all ok with that, because she’s his big bad secret. He takes a swig of coffee and gets ready to go to work. He tells her she’ll be free once her baby’s born. How nice of him. He reminds her to eat something before he heads out.

In a nicer part of the city, Nucky’s looking contemplatively out the window of his and Margaret’s house. Margaret joins him and tells him that she’s returned a few things to the Belle Femme, because she figured it would be a good idea to conserve resources. Nucky tells her that it’s more important than ever that they put on a good show and asks her to have the maid get her things back, because everything’s just fine. He goes to get dressed and Margaret picks up the mail, swallowing hard when she finds a letter from a detective agency.

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