Ripper Street: Love and Gold

Programme Name: Ripper Street - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 5) - Embargoed for publication until: n/a - Picture Shows:  David (ALFIE STEWART), Vincent (JASSA AHLUWALIA) - (C) Tiger Aspect - Photographer: Steffan HillPreviously on Ripper Street: Susan was getting ickily shaken down by her creep of a landlord, causing a rift between her and Jackson that was not helped by her embracing the teachings of a feminist nutjob, and Drake married a former prostitute.

Two young men play a post coital game of ‘if I could have anything, I’d have X,’ which ends with one of them saying ‘I just want you.’ Aww. It’s not quite as much of a fantasy game as usual, though, because apparently they’re getting ready to blackmail someone named Quint, so they’re expecting a bit of a windfall. One of the guys, David, notes the time and says they should get back to work, but the other one (Vincent) wants more sexy time.

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Ripper Street: Lonely Hearts

Reid, Jackson, and Drake in episode 8 of Ripper StreetPreviously on Ripper Street: An old enemy of Jackson’s showed up, seeking revenge, and ended up with a bullet in his skull. Before he wound up in the dead room, however, he killed Hobbs and framed Jackson for a Ripper-esque murder, and Abberline wasted no time locking him up.

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Ripper Street: Womenfolk

ripper_street_7Previously on Ripper Street: There was mysterious weirdness between Susan and Jackson, who are both on the run from someone. Drake attempted to hand his heart to Rose, who kind of trampled on it.

You know, I really have to hand it to this show. I expected the Susan/Jackson story’s resolution to be the series finale, since it’s been so carefully drawn out, but they went and tackled it in this, the penultimate episode, leaving a whole other week to fill with something else. And you know what? I’m intrigued for next week. There are definite possibilities. Good move, show.

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Ripper Street: In Extremis

BBC/Tiger AspectPreviously on Ripper Street: We found out that Drake served as a soldier (presumably during the Second Anglo-Egyptian War) and came home with some tattoos and nightmares. He also developed a serious crush on Rose.

Drake is getting ready for his day, shaving, getting dressed. While he’s doing that, a man loads up a sniper rifle, takes aim from a second story-window at a horse drawing the Victorian-era equivalent of an armoured car, and fires.

The horse lies dead in the street, and before the stunned driver can even react, smoke cannisters go off and masked men emerge and attack.

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Ripper Street: Amp’d Up

b01q9xlrPreviously on Ripper Street: A crazy poisoner was taken off the streets, Drake developed a crush on Rose, there was some weirdness between Susan and Jackson, who obviously have a shady past, and Reid’s wife got her funding for a home for former prostitutes.

Susan’s giving a new girl the rundown (I get 60% of your earnings in return for protecting you here) when she spots one of her former ladies returned. Well, I say lady, but this one, Lucy, looks super young, especially dressed in a rather childish white dress and prim white gloves. She’s like a china doll, with a fragile, wounded-bird like beauty. Susan’s delighted to see her and runs right over for a hug. Lucy’s not there for a reunion—she needs a job. Susan regretfully says she can’t provide one and Lucy says she doesn’t know what’ll become of her. Susan sadly tells Lucy that she’s pretty much purpose-built to fulfill all the worst desires of men and Lucy adds that this is her curse, and the whole world profits from it, but not her. The brutality of the Victorian era is once again writ large.

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Ripper Street: Breaking Bread

ripper3Previously on Ripper Street: Reid, Drake, and Jackson solved crimes in Whitechapel. We learned that Reid’s and Emily’s daughter disappeared, which sent Emily running into the arms of the church and other causes.

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Ripper Street: Oliver Twisted

ripper2Previously on Ripper Street: Our boys saved a prostitute from an early snuff film creator and Reid tried to move on from the Ripper case.

Close up of kids playing with toy soldiers in a toyshop while a woman plies them with sweets and a man in a workshop in the back perfects something new and talks to himself about how this one will be the big one. He finishes whatever it is (appears to be a gold box of some kind, and what kid doesn’t want that?), wraps it up, and hustles out.

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