Ripper Street: Mother Russia

Courtesy; BBCPreviously on Ripper Street: Drake and Jackson started to find some common ground and we had hints of something bad having happened to Reid when his daughter disappeared.

Workers are striking down by the docks as one man who reads rather stereotypically Jewish detaches himself from the crowd and moves away from it with purpose. He makes his way to a door marked International Workers Educational Club, knocks, and is admitted.

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Ripper Street: Smut

p013bnhlMan, it never stops with the period shows over here. Downton Abbey, Hunderby, The Paradise, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Downton again, and now, Ripper Street. Let’s see how the newbie measures up, shall we?

Gritty Victorian London. A guy leads a Ripper-themed tour through Whitechapel. Wow, those grisly tours are a lot older than I thought they were. Elsewhere in the neighbourhood, a bare-knuckle boxing match is underway, observed by Matthew Macfadyen.

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Pillars of the Earth: A New Beginning, The Work of Angels

So, we’ve come to it. And by “it,” I mean the two hour finale. Judging from how long the previous recaps have taken to write up, I don’t anticipate getting to bed before 4 a.m. Thanks, Starz!

Previously on Pillars of the Earth: Well, a lot happened. You might be better off just reading the recaps, but essentially, Kingsbridge wanted to build a cathedral, Bishop Waleran and the Hamleighs caused a lot of trouble, and Aliena and Jack fell in love. Oh, and there was a civil war.

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Pillars of the Earth: Witchcraft

Previously on Pillars of the Earth: Jack and Alfred ogled Aliena before beating the crap out of each other, which led to Tom firing Jack for not being a blood relative. William takes obsessive assholishness to a new level by burning Kingsbridge’s Fleece fair, killing Tom, and sending Aliena’s entire year’s profit up in flames.

Kingsbridge’s cemetery has several new occupants, and it’s about to get another one: Tom Builder. His shrouded body is accompanied by all the monks, Ellen, Aliena, Alfred, a sobbing Martha, and a number of townspeople. Philip says prayers over the body before paying a moving tribute to Tom, his friend, and the reason the cathedral exists. As he finishes, Richard rides into the still smoldering ruins, looking bewildered.

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