Catholic? Protestant? Who Knows?

After about 20 years of experimenting with Protestantism, the English Parliament once again declared Catholicism to be the country’s official religion on November 12, 1555. If it hadn’t been for Henry VIII’s crazed need to have a son, the country might very well be Catholic to this day. Henry, after all, was a devout Catholic, even writing a treatise on the religion that got him … Continue reading Catholic? Protestant? Who Knows?

Bloody Mary

After a lifetime of being jerked around, abandoned, and emotionally abused, Mary I and her Issues were crowned Queen on October 1, 1553, following the failed nine-day-long monarchy of Jane Grey. Mary, the daughter of the much-loved Katherine of Aragon and much-married Henry VIII, came to the throne on a wave of popularity. After Jane Grey was deposed, Mary rode into London with 800 nobles … Continue reading Bloody Mary