Malcolm and Macbeth

Double, double, toil and trouble…On July 27, 1054 Siward, the Earl of Northumbria invaded Scotland to join Malcolm Canmore’s effort to reclaim his throne from the usurper Macbeth of Scotland. Malcolm was the eldest son of King Duncan I, who was killed in battle by Macbeth on August 15, 1040, when Malcolm was (probably) still a child. His family attempted to overthrow Macbeth in 1045, … Continue reading Malcolm and Macbeth


Ahh, historical symmetry. On August 15 (or maybe 14, it’s hard to say for sure), 1040, King Duncan I was killed in battle against his first cousin, Macbeth, who promptly took the throne of Scotland. Exactly 17 years later, Duncan’s son, Malcolm, returned to Scotland and killed Macbeth, bringing the throne back into his own family. Unlike the way he was depicted in the Shakespeare … Continue reading Macbeth