Boardwalk Empire: Golden Days

cdn.indiewire.comPreviously on Boardwalk Empire: Hoo boy. Well, Chalky got into a tangle with Valentin Narcisse which wound up with Chalky on the lam and his daughter accidentally getting shot to death by Richard Harrow, who died shortly after, making new bride Julia a widow. Margaret started a new life in New York, working for some sort of scam, by the sound of it, and crossing paths with Rothstein. Eli was blackmailed into helping out a creepy federal agent, and then had to go on the run after killing the guy, and Nucky explored new business opportunities in Florida.

I have to confess, I actually wasn’t planning on recapping Boardwalk anymore after last season. It’s not that the season was really bad it’s just…I dunno, I didn’t really love it. Watching every episode was starting to feel like a chore, and once they killed off Harrow I felt like I was just done. I didn’t really care about anyone anymore. But then they announced this was going to be the final season, and I figured I might as well stick it out to the end. So, here we are.

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