Game of Thrones: Girl Power

game-of-thrones-season-3Previously on Game of Thrones: Margaery started winning over Joffrey and the people of King’s Landing; Theon was released from his tormentors, almost recaptured, and then rescued again; Jaime found himself one hand shorter; and Daenerys bartered one of her dragons for a massive army.

No new locales in the credits this week. Thank God, because it’s hard enough to remember all the ones we already have.

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Game of Thrones: The One With All the Rape

game_of_thrones episode 3Previously on Game of Thrones: Arya and Gendry, Theon, and Jaime and Bree all got (re)captured. Bran made some new friends, and Cate received word of her father’s death.

New locale in the credits: Riverrun, so I guess the Stark entourage is going to be showing up there at some point this episode.

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