Dressing Downton, Series 5 Episode 4

Downton54-71There’s a lot of relationship tension in Downtonland these days. One marriage is coming to an end, an engagement has been called off (or not, maybe), another marriage is veering quickly into troubled waters, and Tom’s friendship or whatever with Sarah is causing way more problems than it’s worth. But on the happy side of things, there was also a proposal, and Violet reconnected with an old flame, so there’s hope yet. Also, there was a dress show!

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King Tut

On February 16, 1923, English archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter opened the door to King Tutankhamun’s tomb, unleashing Egyptomania and, possibly, a curse. Carter, who started out as an artist and moved on to archaeology in the late 19th century, was employed by Lord Carnarvon, an enthusiastic amateur Egyptologist, to oversee the excavations Carnarvon was financing in the Valley of the Kings. The excavations turned … Continue reading King Tut