Hunderby: I’m My Own Grandpa

Previously on Hunderby: Helene found out she was pregnant with Dr. Fogarty’s baby, Fogarty fell into an alcohol-fuelled depression, and Edmond got laid, which directly led to Jeff nearly getting hanged to death.

Edmond wakes and snuggles up to the life-size stuffed Jeff he’s created, using that awful portrait he painted as the face. He kind of made him look like Lenny Kravitz in that painting.

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Hunderby: Compromising Positions

Previously on Hunderby: Hester found out about her husband’s affair with Helene and told Helene she was dying, which prompted Helene to break up with Fogarty. Fogarty immediately fell into an alcoholic depression and Helene found out from her hunchbacked rapist that she’s pregnant.

Edmond gathers his staff in the kitchen to share the good news that Helene’s womb is not as “useless as an empty dungeon”. He orders up a massive feast to celebrate.

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Hunderby: Mmmm, Snout Muffins!

Previously on Hunderby: Helene and Fogarty finally got it on. And on, and on, and on. A traveling freak show brought Helene’s hunchbacked former lover (husband? Rapist?) into town, but he escaped before Dorothy could take custody of him.

Helene wanders through the woods, looking for Fogarty, and finds he’s carved a love note into a tree. He pops up beside it, dressed only in his shirt, and gasps that he’s like a man demented. They start to make out.

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Hunderby: I Want You, I Need You, Oh Baby, Oh Baby

Previously on Hunderby: Edmond found out that he has to have a kid to inherit his mother’s fortune, which is a problem because he apparently has no idea how sex works. Helene found out Fogarty is married, and Fogarty found out that Helene had a child at some point in the past. And thanks to Helene’s big mouth, Dorothy knows it too.

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Hunderby: Baby Blues

Previously on Hunderby: Helene got a dog, Matilda died (with an assist from both Dorothy and Edmond), and Dorothy got her hands on Helene’s incriminating locket.

The funeral’s over and the family is sitting down for the reading of the will. Basically, Edmond will get everything if he and Helene have a child within the year. If there is no child, everything is to be sold and the money used to build an underwater memorial to those lost when the Bethany Rose sank. Dorothy isn’t mentioned at all. Ha!

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Hunderby: Mother Issues

Previously on Hunderby: Helene (who turned out not to be Helene after all but a stowaway named Elizabeth) washed up after a shipwreck and quickly married the local reverend/resident weirdo and went to go live in his creepy house with his super weirdo housekeeper, Dorothy, who still seems to be carrying a massive torch for the rev’s late wife, Arabelle.

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