Mr Selfridge: Breaking Point

ITV STUDIOS PRESENTS MR SELFRIDGE EPISODE 5 Pictured: JEREMY OIVEN as Harry Selfridge. This image is the copyright of ITV.

Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry ignored a debt to some scary guy so he could buy the Dollys a movie, Mardle returned to insert herself into Grove’s death, and Frank cheated on Kitty.

We get to see some of the Dollys’ crappy movie, some of which was clearly filmed at Selfridge’s and includes a little cameo by Meryl.

And now we watch some of the actual filming. Harry gets to call ‘Cut!’, thus fulfilling a long-held dream. The waiting press (what’s the press doing there?) applauds and takes pictures of, basically, a bunch of filming equipment. The Dollys immediately hit Harry up for some free stuff.

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Mr Selfridge: Jolly Dollys

episode22Previously on Mr Selfridge: Mae came back from France, divorced and broke, so Harry offered her a job running the new higher-end ready-to-wear line. We met Jimmy Dillon, a douchy boxing promoter, and the Dolly sisters, who are basically Jazz-age Kardashians. Harry fell off a platform during yet another store promotion and bumped his head.

Harry comes to in a graveyard, flinches with pain, and then starts panicking when he sees his own gravestone next to Rose’s. He starts shouting that he’s alive.

Fantasy sequence, of course. He comes to for real in a hospital, being tended by some pretty nurse.

And then he’s off to his seafront country estate to recuperate with his mother, Rosalie, and Tatiana. Lois urges Harry to take a rest and get better, reminding him he’s been given a second chance.

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Mr Selfridge: The Return of Lady Mae

ITV STUDIOS PRESENTS MR SELFRIDGE SERIES 4 Pictured: TRYSTAN GRAVELLE as Victor, JEREMY PIVEN as Harry Selfridge and KATHERINE KELLY as Mae Rennard. This image is the copyright of ITV and is for one use only in relation to Mr Selfridge.

Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry was scammed by his girlfriend, which made him kind of bitter. Victor opened up a nightclub and romanced Harry’s obnoxious daughter, Violette, who decided the best way to rebound from that was to marry some completely random Frenchman. Oldest daughter Rosalie married Sergei, a no-good Russian émigré, Doris died, leaving Grove available for Mardle (not that he deserves her), and Agnes took Henri back to France, presumably forever.

We’ve fast-forwarded nearly a decade, to 1928, which means the ladies are flapping and the men are now rocking floppier hair and double-breasted suits. Harry’s in Biarritz, playing blackjack for really high stakes.

Now Harry’s back in London, arriving at Victor’s swanky, bigger nightclub with Frank. The press is waiting and surround him, asking Harry how much he’s lost. Slow news day, guys? Seriously, who cares how much some rich guy lost gambling? Harry and Frank put them off and go inside, where the party is a-swinging. Victor publicly welcomes Harry, then introduces the singer, Alberta Hunter, who’s there to give us some very 20’s-style blues while moodily handling a cigarette holder. Wow, a person of colour—it really must be the 1920s!

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Mr Selfridge: Truth and Consequences

jeremy_piven_3248576bPreviously on Mr Selfridge: Doris’s affair and subsequent death led to a serious rift between Mardle and Grove; Nancy decided to make a go of this building homes for soldiers and marrying Harry Selfridge thing, despite her brother’s misgivings; Loxsley began manipulating the board; and Violette decided she really needed to fight for Victor.

Crabb crunches some numbers while Harry nervously awaits the arrival of the board for their postponed meeting. Downstairs, Loxsley and his two minions arrive, sneering at the window display as if they smell something nasty. When they come into the store, Grove sends Kitty to stall them while he races upstairs and warns Harry that they’ve arrived. Crabb brings in the latest numbers and announces that profits are up, but not as high as they’d hoped. The board enters and everyone takes their seats.

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Mr Selfridge: Passing the Idiot Ball

261363F100000578-3006756-image-a-18_1427053787879Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry got engaged to Nancy, Grace dumped Gordon, Victor reopened his club as a gambling club, and Grove took little Ernest back into his home.

Harry has gathered the only people who work at this store with speaking roles at a massive warehouse, which he has stuffed with merchandise ahead of a huge upcoming sale he has planned. Kitty looks around and asks how much of it they need to sell. What a stupid question. Oh, you know, just a little of it. The rest is just for show. All of it, of course, Kitty. Harry says this’ll be the sale of the century.

Nancy’s brother, Gus, shows up at her place and notes that she’s working evenings now. He’s come to stay with her, because he’s run out of cash. She quickly hides her engagement ring and hands him some cash, telling him to look into some lodgings. She can’t get him out of there fast enough.

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Mr Selfridge: Something Happened in Paris

MR SELFRIDGE S3 EP116Previously on Mr Selfridge: Doris got run over, not long after confessing her affair to Mardle; Harry sold shares in the store so he could fund the Selfridge Estate, unaware that Nancy is conning him.

Mardle is hosting Doris’s wake. Grove sits looking sadly at a photograph of his wife. Mardle is looking really awful. Like she’s aged at least a decade. Outside, Harry climbs out of his car and approaches the house. George, Victor, Kitty, and Edwards all talk about how sad this is. Mardle answers the door and is surprised to see Harry there, since she wasn’t expecting him to come. You weren’t? The deceased is a former store employee married to one of his top men. This seems like exactly the sort of event Harry would show up for. She directs him to Grove, and as he comes inside, she sees Doris’s lover, Billy, approach. Mardle firmly tells him to leave, because this is not the time. He asks where Doris is buried and she directs him to the spot. Grove watches their interaction through the window.

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Mr Selfridge: Prove Yourself

Mr-Selfridge-s-actress-Kelly-Adams-casting-Jeremy-Piven-husband-children-Christine-Smith-560599Previously on Mr Selfridge: Gordon was promoted to deputy head of the store, Kitty got attacked and then smeared in the press, Loxsley continued his crusade to ruin Harry, and Nancy turned out to be a con artist.

Victor and Violette, in their separate homes, are lost in thought. Harry is called away from the breakfast table for a phone call from Purkiss. Violette goes out into the hall just as her dad is hanging up the phone, ready for her punishment. Harry slams down the phone and informs her the police aren’t pursuing a prosecution. This time. He forbids her from leaving the house or speaking on the phone and tells her he’s glad her mother’s not there to see her shame. Ouch, Harry.

The musicians pack up and leave Victor’s place. Elsa asks if they’re reopening and Victor says he just needs some time.

At the store, prior to opening, Gordon dorkily practices introducing himself as deputy manager.

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Mr Selfridge: Professionalism

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 16.08.34Previously on Mr Selfridge: Henri had a total breakdown, freaking out Agnes; some drunken, frustrated vets nearly raped Kitty; Harry paid way too much for a field; and Violette started coming on to Victor.

Harry and Nancy take Kitty to the hospital, where she’s taken upstairs by some doctors. Frank is summoned and absolutely hauls ass up to the emergency department, clearly freaked out of his mind. Harry tells him that Kitty’s got a cut on her face and is pretty traumatized, but otherwise all right. Frank is allowed into Kitty’s room, where he immediately wraps his arms around her and tenderly comforts her. Awww. You know, if you’d told me way back in season one that I’d be totally rooting for a Kitty/Edwards pairing I would have thought you were crazy, but I actually really like these two together.

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Mr Selfridge: The Breaking Point

Mr-Selfridge-3-3Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry decided to bankroll a charitable housing project, no matter what the cost. Henri slid further into PTSD territory, Violette whined for a job, and Mardle became head of fashion.

Harry and Kitty launch a major beauty event in front of the press. For some reason, Agnes is hanging around in the background of all the photos. After the launch, Kitty explains to the girls down in cosmetics that she’s going to be giving demonstrations of all the new products. Gordon comes over and congratulates Grace, the young woman who used to work in the tea department with him, who is now head of accessories following Mardle’s move to fashion. Grace is sweetly modest; Kitty is a bit bitchy about it. Once a catty bitch, always a catty bitch. Gordon suggests he and Grace go out and celebrate sometime.

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Mr Selfridge: No Man’s Land

mr_selfridge_episode2_05Previously on Mr Selfridge: Rosalie married a total golddigger, who comes with an equally greedy mother. Agnes and Henri finally made it official, though Henri’s struggling to hide his lingering PTSD from the war. Victor’s got a nightclub to run, which is made difficult by a crooked copper and George, who decides what Victor really needs is him on the payroll.

Lanvin has sent some exclusive designs to the store, which Thackeray unwraps reverently, refusing to let anyone else touch them. Lanvin’s creative director is coming by the next day to see how the dresses are to be displayed. Thack’s plan is apparently to do as little with them as possible, to ‘let them speak for themselves.’ Let’s just see how well that goes. Crabb comes swirling in looking for Harry. He’s nowhere to be found.

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