Call the Midwife: We Are Family

Call_the_Midwife_series_two__episode_eight___preview_pictures_and_predictionsPreviously on Call the Midwife: Chummy came back, all knocked up and Jenny lost Jimmy, for good, it seems.

JVO talks about how exciting things are at Nonnatus now that Chummy’s back and how everything just seemed soooo perfect. Nothing going to go wrong here! Chummy and the girls are washing baby clothes that Cynthia’s mother sent for Chummy to use. Chummy unwittingly puts one of the little cardigans through a wash wringer, crushing the mother-of-pearl buttons that came off of Cynthia’s mother’s wedding dress. Chummy apologises profusely for her fumbling.

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Call the Midwife: Sister Wives

Call the Midwife, Episode 3Previously on Call the Midwife: Jenny reunited with Jimmy, as friends, though it seemed like she wanted a bit more. Too bad he’s gotten some other chick knocked up.

Unusually, we start off with Cynthia this week, walking her bike through the local market while JVO talks about what a close-knit community the East End was. Cynthia pauses next to a greengrocer’s stall, eyes some avocados, and asks if they’re avocado pears, which is apparently what they were called back then. The identical twins manning the stall make fun of her for having to check, with all her education, and Jesus, ladies, how are you still in business if this is how you treat your customers? And yes, she’s educated, but in medicine, not fruits and veg, so maybe dial down the condescension a bit?

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Call the Midwife: Someone To Watch Over Me

Call the Midwife title cardPreviously on Call the Midwife: Jenny started dating Jimmy and Chummy started dating Noakes. Only one of those relationships looks like it has real promise, though. Babies were born, tragedies dealt with, and the nurses occasionally found themselves handling non-pregnancy-related cases.

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Call the Midwife: Loving Husbands

Call the Midwife title cardPreviously on Call the Midwife: Jenny befriended a young prostitute with a really depressing story; new midwife Chummy showed up and did a bang-up job with her first (complicated) delivery.

Jenny bikes through the neighborhood and VOs how sheltered she used to be and how much bolder she is now. She arrives home and hands over a gift from a grateful new father: quite a lot of beef (she just delivered a butcher’s baby). Bernadette tells her Fred’s got a new moneymaking scheme, but he’s not telling them what it is. Sister MJ starts quoting Virgil out of nowhere, like she does, and Evangelina moans that it’s too early for Virgil. “Only if you’re ignorant,” Sister MJ replies sunnily. Heh. Jenny barely has time to sit down with her cup of tea before Julianne comes in and tells her she’s needed. The others head out too, leaving Fred to unwittingly chat to himself.

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