Trivia Thursday: It’s So Tall!

This Week’s Question: Charles Piazzi Smyth, Astronomer Royal for Scotland from 1846 to 1888, was also known for studying what middle eastern monument? Last Week’s Question: On 20 December 1606 three ships set sail for the new world to establish Jamestown. What was the settlement’s original name? Answer: Jamestown was originally named James Fort after King James I of England. The bit of land chosen by … Continue reading Trivia Thursday: It’s So Tall!

Any Excuse for a Vacation

On 25 July 1609, an emigrant ship called the Sea Venture found itself in dire straits after battling a hurricane for three days. Battered and taking on water, she was deliberately beached on the reefs of what would later turn out to be Bermuda, allowing all 150 people aboard, plus one dog, to land safely. Sea Venture, England’s first purpose-designed emigrant ship, set out from … Continue reading Any Excuse for a Vacation

For Glory, God, and Gold and the Virginia Company

On April 10, 1606, King James I granted a royal charter to the Virginia Company of London, granting the company permission to start colonizing Virginia and the areas surrounding it. It also explicitly granted permission to dig and mine for precious metals, and demanded that 1/5 of any gold or silver and 1/15 of any copper extracted would automatically be given to the crown. Company … Continue reading For Glory, God, and Gold and the Virginia Company