Full Steam Ahead

When you hear the words “steam engine” you probably think of James Watt or Robert Fulton, two men who were perhaps most famously able to harness steam power for manufacturing and transportation. But Watt and Fulton weren’t the first men to the steam party, not by  a long shot. On 2 July 1698, a military engineer by the name of Thomas Savery patented the first … Continue reading Full Steam Ahead

Trivia Thursday: Australia Day

This Week’s Question: January 26 is Australia Day, marking the establishment of the first permanent European settlement on the continent. Where was that settlement located? Last Week’s Question: What two Industrial Revolution-era inventors share January 19 birthdays? Answer: They are James Watt, whose improvements to the Nowcomen steam engine would help drive the Industrial Revolution (he also developed the concept of horsepower) and Henry Bessemer, … Continue reading Trivia Thursday: Australia Day