Camelot: The Original He-Man Woman Hater’s Club

It’s April, which means my stretch of recapping insanity has begun. Over the next several weeks I’ll be attempting to cover Camelot, The Borgias, Mildred Pierce, Upstairs Downstairs, and Game of Thrones. If we’re lucky, I won’t go completely insane. We’re kicking off with Camelot, another project brought to us by Michael Hirst, which makes me wary, because he was also behind the Tudors, and we all know how well that turned out. But as with everything, I’m willing to give it a try, so here we go.

We open with an exterior shot of a fortified town, followed by an interior shot of a great hall being prepared for a feast. A young woman is announced to King Uther, no name given. Uther emerges from the inner sanctum and the young woman lowers the hood of her cloak, revealing Eva Green, here playing Morgan, Uther’s daughter. Uther’s followed by his wife, Igraine, and Morgan observed that his “whore still lives,” which earns her a nasty backslap from her father that lays her flat on the floor. He tells her she’s to respect her stepmother. Morgan gets to her feet and tells her father she’s there to forgive him for the death of her mother, which was done so he could install Igraine. He tries to hit her again, but she’s ready for him and stays his hand. She goes on to say that he then banished her for years to a nunnery, allegedly for her education. He turns his back on her and tells her she’s not welcome there. Igraine, a little regretfully, follows him, and Morgan glares after them.

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