The Sack of Baltimore

Quick, what was the biggest single attack by Barbary pirates on Ireland or Britain? If you answered the Sack of Baltimore, you’d be right! On June 20, 1631 pirates from the North African Barbary Coast, led by a Dutchman named Jan Janszoon van Haarlem, sailed all the way up to the village of Baltimore in West Cork, Ireland and decided to have a good old-fashioned … Continue reading The Sack of Baltimore

If Only He’d Had Twitter…

I personally complain a lot about 24-hour news cycles and the overabundance of technology in the world today, but every now and then I read a story that makes me think: Wow, thank God for Facebook! (This doesn’t happen terribly often). I’m sure Thomas FitzGerald, the 10th Earl of Kildare, would have loved to have some fast, fairly reliable means of communication, because if he … Continue reading If Only He’d Had Twitter…

Home Rule (Almost)

So close, yet so far away. On September 18, 1914, King George approved the Government of Ireland Act1914, also known as the Third Home Rule Bill, which was intended to provide self-government for Ireland. Unfortunately, implementation of the Act was put on hold for the duration of World War I, and the Irish were forced to wait until 1922 to receive the self-government they wanted … Continue reading Home Rule (Almost)

Two Kings of Ireland

On June 24 (or thereabouts), 637, the Battle of Moira was fought by the Gaelic High King of Ireland Domnall II against his foster son King Congall of Ulster in the Woods of Killultagh. It’s thought to be the largest battle ever fought in Ireland. After establishing a power base in Dalaradia, Congall was recognized as King of Ulster in 627. Unfortunately, his ambition brought … Continue reading Two Kings of Ireland

Reasons to Love Great Britain

To paraphrase one of Britain’s many well-known former residents, “though it be but small, it is fierce.” England, Scotland, and Ireland are amazing places with a lot to offer, so on this Valentine’s Day, I’m listing a few reasons why I love them. Feel free to add your own in the comments! * Amazing shows at the National Theatre in London * History, history, history!: … Continue reading Reasons to Love Great Britain