The Great British Bake Off: Meltdown

gbbo-baked-alaskaPreviously on The Great British Bake Off: Bread! Lots and lots of bread. It was a carbfest. Luis blew everyone away with his amazing bakes, and Jordan failed to rise to the challenge.

It’s dessert week, and to start off, they need to make a self-saucing pudding. Eight of them, actually. They get started. Paul says the key thing with these is to keep the sponge light, so it bakes fast. Mary adds that the sauce needs to have some texture and the right consistency.

Luis admits that puddings aren’t his strength and he finds them kind of risky, what with the sponge plus moisture.

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Ice Cream Sandwiches

So, we came back from the south of France and walked right into an honest-to-God heatwave. Apparently, Britain’s trying to make up for last year’s summer ‘o’ suck and is overcompensating just a tad. Which isn’t a terrible thing–it’s actually quite pleasant up here in Scotland, and now we can all pull out those sundresses we totally forget we even owned. The one issue is this: no air conditioning. Hardly any building has air con, because why the heck would they? Our office is absolutely boiling. We have to find other ways to keep cool. Delicious ways.

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Things You Won’t See in the States

The U.S. and the U.K. share a lot of things–a common language (mostly), part of a shared history, slang, music and entertainment, most large companies. But then there are moments where you see something you never saw stateside, and you realize you’re in a totally different place now. Things like: Someone unicycling up Inverleith Terrace in the morning (not that there probably aren’t people unicycling … Continue reading Things You Won’t See in the States

Seven Spice Damson Plum Jam

It’s plum season here in the UK, and the little jewels are everywhere: Victoria, green gage, and the famous damsons. I hadn’t heard much about damsons before I came over here, but they’re big on this side of the pond, and very popular with jam makers. They’re considered too sour to eat alone (and they’re too small to serve as much of a snack anyway, … Continue reading Seven Spice Damson Plum Jam