The Living and the Dead: Creepy Child

Nathan and Charlotte ApplebyPreviously on The Living and the Dead: Creepy things started happening as soon as Nathan Appleby came home, and it seems like it’s driving him pretty crazy.

At last, we get the story of Lara, or Red Coat Lady, as I’ve been calling her. The poor woman’s a new mum, currently living with her baby daughter in a mental health facility. She voluntarily checked herself in because she’s being haunted by Gabriel, who wanders into her room at night to stare at her all dead-eyed and demand that she help him. Naturally, she thinks she’s experiencing some sort of psychosis. She’s nervous for good reason, too: turns out this horrible dead child has been haunting all the women of her family for several generations now, and it’s implied that the experience drove Lara’s mother to suicide when Lara was only three months old.

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The Living and the Dead: All Hallows

the_living_and_the_dead_5Previously on The Living and the Dead: Charlotte got pregnant, which would be great if she weren’t seemingly living at the mouth of hell. An unusual number of people in a tiny village were haunted, some to death, including Nathan, who keeps seeing a very 21st century woman in a red coat running around his house. It may be slowly driving him crazy.

So, if the last episode was the one where Nathan started going a bit off the rails, this is the one where he drives the train right over the edge of the bridge. Deliberately. He’s going full-on nuts, is what I’m saying.

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The Living and the Dead: Into the Woods

webANXlivingdeadep4 (1)

Previously on The Living and the Dead: Nathan’s spooky village is a haunted nightmare town, and the living people aren’t that much better. One of them, Jack, was convinced that another guy he loves to bully cursed the harvest and tried to drown him as a witch. The other guy was saved, and Jack was banished.

It’s the Nathan Starts Losing It episode! Hooray! I’m surprised it took him this long—you can’t expect even the most rational and centred person not to start cracking up when they’ve been hearing voices, seeing things, and dealing with all the bizarre nonsense going on around Shepzoy.

And on that note: Nathan’s turned to the power of Ouija in an attempt to contact Clarity (whose name is starting to seem kind of like a cruel joke, no?). He gets no answers with that, but after he leaves the room, the word ‘daddy’ appears on a mirror.

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The Living and the Dead: The Lady in the Water

The Living and the Dead Episode 3Previously on The Living and the Dead: Nathan and his wife, Charlotte, decided to make a go of farming, which would be challenging enough, but it turns out the tiny village is super haunted. Or something. Maybe there’s something in the water, because now even Nathan’s starting to see and hear things. Ghost children tempted a village boy, Charlie, to an old mine, where he died.

It’s harvest-time, and since this period is so vital to the survival of Shepzoy, feelings are running a little high. Nathan’s a little distracted by guilt over Charlie, whose mother has decided to pack up her horrifyingly creepy daughters and leave. She thinks the place is cursed. I can’t blame her for that. I’m starting to think so too.

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The Living and the Dead: Lost Boys

p03zb3rbPreviously on The Living and the Dead: Nathan Appleby and his wife, Charlotte, decided to leave London behind and give late-19th century farming a go, taking over his family’s place in Somerset. But apparently this place is haunted as hell, because first the vicar’s daughter appeared to be murderously possessed, and then Nathan saw a woman wandering around his house with an iPad.

First, some housekeeping matters.

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The Living and the Dead: The Haunting of Harriet Denning

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 15/06/2016 - Programme Name: The Living and the Dead - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows:  Harriet Denning (TALLULAH ROSE HADDON) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Robert Viglasky

It’s 1894. Nathan Appleby has returned home to rural Somerset, accompanied by his very cool, modern-woman wife, Charlotte. Nathan, too, is a modern man, a psychologist who’s just returned from a trip to Vienna, where he gave a talk about psychological trauma. He’s back in Somerset to see his mother, who’s dying. It’s the summer solstice, and while Nathan and the locals see to the usual traditions (lighting and dancing around a bonfire), someone goes to Nathan’s mother’s room. We don’t see who it is, but she tells them to leave her son alone, and then dies.

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Penny Dreadful: Perpetual Night

Penny-Dreadful-Perpetual-Night-3x08-promotional-picture-penny-dreadful-39713396-500-333Previously on Penny Dreadful: Dorian got bored and handed Lily off to Victor to be cured, and Vanessa hooked up with Sweet and brought about the End of Days.

London’s now overrun by a thick fog and rats and frogs and things, which are coming out of the sewers in actual waves. I never really thought of frogs as night creatures—the ones we had in our pond when I was growing up were fairly active during the day.

Seward finds Renfield (looking pretty cadaverous now) listening to Vanessa’s sessions and demands he get lost. He informs her he’s been freelancing for Dracula, rips the guts right out of a frog and eats them, and attacks her. Seward manages to incapacitate him and somehow, despite all the chaos, gets him committed to Bedlam.

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Penny Dreadful: No Beast So Fierce

penny_dreadful_3-6Previously on Penny Dreadful: Vanessa realised she was being stalked by Dracula and needed to outwit him, not realising that she was actually dating him; Ethan got to take a horrifying walk through family history; and Dorian and Lily began gathering an army of angry prostitutes.

We pick up just where we left off, with Talbot cocking his gun at Ethan. Ethan still refuses to repent for what he did. Before his dad can shoot, however, one of the men comes in and tells him someone’s there to see Talbot. Timing!

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Penny Dreadful: This World is Our Hell

Ethan and Hecate camp in the desert in episode 5 of season 3 of Penny DreadfulPreviously on Penny Dreadful: Victor and Jekyll began experimenting on Bedlam patients while Ethan and Hecate made their way across the desert, pursued by Rusk and the Marshal and Malcolm and Kaetenay.

After last week’s Vanessa and Cal fest, it’s time to catch up with everyone else.

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Penny Dreadful: A Blade of Grass

pennydreadful3040075rjpgPreviously on Penny Dreadful: Vanessa found out that Dracula’s met up with her before—when she was a patient at the Banning Clinic—so she demanded Seward hypnotize her so she could remember. At the start of the hypnosis, she discovered that the orderly at the clinic was none other than Cal.

Seward asks Vanessa to describe the orderly, which takes us back to Vanessa in the Clinic, literally clawing the walls. Cal brings her food, but she refuses to eat, and after a few (or several) days of this, he gently urges her to eat, warning her that starving herself will have consequences. Those consequences are forced feeding, which Cal has to administer. Well, this relationship’s gotten off to a great start. Cal clearly hates doing this.

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