Crafty Christmas: Wee Stocking Garland

The thing with being a knitter is, eventually, you’ll find yourself with all these little bits of yarn that aren’t enough for a full-scale project. So, you have to find itty bitty projects for them instead. The charm of the itty bitties is that they’re just so darn cute you want to keep making them, and they come together so fast (I was able to … Continue reading Crafty Christmas: Wee Stocking Garland

Happy Father’s Day!

Today, in the US at least, we honor our dads, so I’d like to take a moment to recognize mine (love you, dad!) and raise a glass to all the other dads here on The Armchair Anglophile. Here’s to Nucky Thompson, cute surrogate dad to Margaret’s two kids (and a definite improvement over their real father) To Sir Hector, who managed to turn out at … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!