Pretty, Witty Nell

If she were alive today, Nell Gwyn, one of the coolest royal mistresses ever, would be turning 363 years old. Happy birthday, Nell! Nell rose from almost complete obscurity to become a major symbol of the Restoration period, and one of the first actresses to take to the English stage (before her time, women’s roles were played by men). She was probably born in London … Continue reading Pretty, Witty Nell

Fun Fact!

Did you know that two British actors took multiple trips on the Titanic (and appeared in the ship-named James Cameron film in 1997)? It seems filmmakers can never quite get enough of this particular disaster–there have probably been about a dozen movies about it, starting as early as May 1912, when a 10-minute film starring real life passenger/actress Dorothy Gibson called Saved from the Titanic … Continue reading Fun Fact!