The White Queen: My Kingdom for a Horse!

amandaandhenryforw_2646079bPreviously on The White Queen: Elizabeth remained trapped in sanctuary with her increasingly bitchy daughter. The two princes disappeared from the Tower after a botched rescue attempt, and nobody seems to know quite what happened to them, though almost everyone, including Anne, thinks Richard or one of his retainers was behind the deaths. Elizabeth and Lizzy responded in the only way they know how: by cursing the person responsible.

Elizabeth has apparently left sanctuary and arrives at a pretty home in the country, along with her two smallest moppets. She seems relieved.

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Henry and Elizabeth

Having recently secured the English throne after the Battle of Bosworth Field, Henry VII fulfilled his promise to marry Elizabeth of York on January 18, 1486, thus uniting the warring houses of York and Lancaster. As royal marriages go, this one was fairly successful. The couple had seven children, four of whom lived to adulthood (or close to it); their eldest son, Arthur, was born … Continue reading Henry and Elizabeth