Ghoulish Goodies: Marshmallow Ghosts

I love making homemade marshmallows. For one thing, they’re fabulous. If you’ve only ever tried the store-bought kind, make these just once so you can taste the difference. Like night and day. For another thing, they’re a great example of kitchen alchemy, and since I’m a tiny bit of a closet science nerd, I love me some kitchen alchemy. It’s hard to believe that this … Continue reading Ghoulish Goodies: Marshmallow Ghosts

Ghoulish Goodies: Pretzel ‘Fingers’

Lo these many years ago, my roommates and I threw a Halloween party. I baked goodies–lots and lots of them, and we invited all my one roommate’s fellow Psych grad students. One of them was a handsome man who later became my husband. I dressed as a saloon girl, he dressed as…a hot guy, I guess, and the rest is history. I like to think … Continue reading Ghoulish Goodies: Pretzel ‘Fingers’