Two Become One

On March 24, 1707, the Parliament of Scotland passed the Union with England Act. Together with the Union with Scotland Act, which passed the English Parliament the year before, the acts formally joined the two countries, creating the united kingdom of Great Britain. England and Scotland had existed under one ruler but two Parliaments ever since James VI/I inherited the English throne on March 24, … Continue reading Two Become One

Birth of a Nation

And two start to become one…again. On July 22, 1706, commissioners from England and Scotland agreed to the Acts of Union, which, when passed the following year, would unite the two countries officially and create the Kingdom of Great Britain. Although England and Scotland had shared a monarch for over 100 years, they still technically remained separate countries at the start of the18th century. There … Continue reading Birth of a Nation

Great Britain, Round I

Most of us believe that England, Scotland, and Wales were united and became Great Britain in the 18th century, but surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time these lands were united under a single ruler. All the way back in the dark ages of the 10th century, an English king named Aethelstan managed to pull the three territories together, and the process started on July 12, … Continue reading Great Britain, Round I