Delicious Discovery: Chocolate Latte

I headed out to John Lewis to pick up my husband’s oyster knife (a fool’s errand, as it turns out–the knife is mysteriously in Leith) and decided to take the route that brought me right past the Hotel Chocolat on Frederick Street. We stopped in last weekend and I tried their cocoa infusion (essentially a tea made from cocoa beans), which I found intriguing. It had a … Continue reading Delicious Discovery: Chocolate Latte

Delicious Discovery: Supernature Oils

One of the things I love about the Sunday Stockbridge market is that you never quite know what the vendors are going to offer up, or even what vendors are going to be there. There are certainly some that are there every week (we got some outstanding scallops from the fish vendor, for instance) but others swap in every once in a while. This week, … Continue reading Delicious Discovery: Supernature Oils

Downton Dish: Apple Charlotte

Apple Charlotte From Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course and Delia Smith’s Comlete Illustrated Cookery Course 1 lb apples 1 T caster sugar 1 stick 6 slices bread from a large loaf, about ¼ inch thick, crusts removed 1 egg yolk   Peel, core, and thinly slice the apples. Place them in a saucepan with ¼ stick of butter. Cook over low heat until the apples … Continue reading Downton Dish: Apple Charlotte

Downton Dish: Crème Brûlée

Ok, I was going to be all sensitive and PC and do something innocuous today, like scones. But since tonight’s episode revolves heavily around I guy with burns, I just couldn’t resist. I shrugged and said: “Eh, the hell with it. I’m doing crème brûlée.” What can I say? I have a rather morbid sense of humor sometimes. Besides, crème brûlée is delicious deliciousness, and … Continue reading Downton Dish: Crème Brûlée

Downton Dish: Crêpes Suzette

My dear readers, I can’t believe, with my love of cooking and Downton Abbey, that it didn’t occur to me until now to put the two together. As we all settle down for another episode, it’s nice to have something to snack on, and let’s face it—regular old popcorn simply won’t do (what would Violet say?!) Instead, perhaps we should turn to this classic, elegant … Continue reading Downton Dish: Crêpes Suzette

Pork Pies

It’s the beginning of a new week, and most of us are trudging off to work again. In the middle of the day, we’ll sit down to a lunch that, if we’re lucky, will consist of something delicious and homemade, and if we’re not, will be a sad sandwich or cook-in-the-microwave instant soup. Time to break the rut with something slighly indulgent and highly portable, … Continue reading Pork Pies