Dressing Downton: Series 5 Episode 8


It’s a wedding! I love weddings! Pretty clothes for everybody!


Most of this episode was about Rose and Atticus and their relationship in the lead-up to their wedding, so the costuming was often focused around them. Rose, the bride, mostly wore love-pink, white, and florals.

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Dressing Downton, Series 5 Episode 4

Downton54-71There’s a lot of relationship tension in Downtonland these days. One marriage is coming to an end, an engagement has been called off (or not, maybe), another marriage is veering quickly into troubled waters, and Tom’s friendship or whatever with Sarah is causing way more problems than it’s worth. But on the happy side of things, there was also a proposal, and Violet reconnected with an old flame, so there’s hope yet. Also, there was a dress show!

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Dressing Downton: Series 5 Episode 3

downton-abbeyWhat happened this week? The Russians came, we got a glimpse into Violet’s past which may have included (brace yourselves now) a flirtation! Mary had bad sex with Gil and, because both of them are recklessly stupid, got found out by her grandmother’s butler. Robert got to have more opportunities to act like a sulky child, Edith got told off, and Cora actually started to have a storyline of her own, elevating her beyond the role of ‘smiling idiot’, which she’s been forced to inhabit since the end of the war.

I’ll confess, on the clothes front, not a whole lot happened. But let’s have a look at what was there:

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Dressing Downton, Season 4 Episode 1

Let’s not kid ourselves: sartorially speaking, this was Edith’s episode. Our favourite neglected sister is really nailing it, style-wise, isn’t she? We’ll get to that. First, let’s check in with a few of the other Downton folks.

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